Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) Why does CRN wait so long in the recruiting process to sign players as apposed to how Texas recruits? – AnonymousBecause Texas doesn’t need to recruit. Mack Brown sits in what I imagine to be a gigantic orange throne, with five-stars throwing themselves at him like he was the Bachelor. If you’re a top-level recruit in Texas, you’re probably going to end up at Texas. It’s not the same anywhere else.

2) It seems the recruiting equation is dependent on equal parts tradition, team momentum (popular new hires, buzz, positive future expectations), and wins. All Ben Howland has at the moment is tradition. Is this enough to right the ship and get back to the level of success he experienced when he had all three working for him? I’m not certain without these things that he can put all of the right pieces together. Additionally, every season like the last two that occurs puts us exponentially farther away from ever getting all three back. Would you agree? – Anonymous
You guys are so incredibly jaded. Two years ago, Howland had them in three straight final fours. Now you think he’ll never get it back? It’s all a cycle, and in major D-1 hoops these days, it’s not easy to be consistently dominant. Just be patient.

3) After the run of success that the UCLA basketball program has had recently in the tournament and players going on to the next level to star in the NBA why has it been so difficult to restock the team with top recruits. – Anonymous
OK, so lets see. In 2006, they get the following “levels” of recruits – No. 9 PF, No. 16 SG and an unranked SF. In 2007, they get a 1 (Love) and an 18 (Stanback). Then they get that “great” class in 2008 and everything implodes. Come back last year with a 3, 7, 12, 22 and 36. This year, they get the No. 4 center, the No. 13 SG who is rising on most lists, a JC PG and a class of ’11 PG who ranked with the best in the country. How much more do you want? It’s not as if UCLA had all No. 1s across the board before?

4) Is Norm Chow’s name and reputation still as powerful when recruiting as it was when he first started at UCLA? If the offense continues to underperform for another year, how badly has he tarnished his reputation? Under what circumstances would someone of his stature be let go? – Anonymous
I think it’s pretty clear whatever UCLA is doing on the recruiting end is working. If the offense stays the same, yeah, it slips. Another year of mediocrity, it slips a lot. But as for now, Chow has a lot of pull.

5) How come we can’t rush the field during an epic win in the Rose Bowl? I see other PAC 10 schools do it, how come we can’t? What are the ramifications if we defy the law and rush anyways? – jaaaayb
Simply put, they don’t want to lose control of the crowd. It has nothing to do with the facility, nor does it have to do with the team. No school wants 10,000 crazy, drunk fans rushing the field. I think the ramification is beheading, but I might be off on that.

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  • Anonymous

    Like Jon said…It’s all cyclical. UCLA wasn’t exactly the top destination for top recruits when Howland arrived and he took them to the Final Four in his 3rd season. He did it then and he can do it again. A few years ago when Duke was struggling everybody was saying how Coach K was passed his prime and that he couldn’t attrack top recruits to Duke. Humm… I wonder won the NCAA basketball championship this year?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is forgetting one pretty important recruiting criteria…NBA success. Let’s see:
    * Russell Westbrook
    * Aaron Afflalo
    * Kevin Love
    * Jrue Holiday
    * Even Richard M’bah a Moute!!!

    For ####’s sake, Jordan Farmar is the least successful of the bunch and he’s a back-up point guard on the reigning NBA champions.

    I’m sure all that means a little something to a recruit.

    You people need to CHILL OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Jon: The Rose Bowl is a dry stadium. It is pretty difficult to sit without additional alcohol for the length of a football game or more and still be drunk at the end of the game, unless you weigh 80 pounds.

  • Surly you’re joking Mr. Anon 5:13

    The Rose Bowl may be dry, but it’s also leaky. From the ubiquitous pocket flask to walking up to the fence, stashing a package, entering the sterile zone and fetching your package, I’ve seen people bring in enough alcohol to set up a bar. I like to remember the simpler days when we stopped at the Westward Ho, exactly one mile from campus, to pick up the keg for the bus ride to the Colosseum. Then carried our bota bags slung across our chests for in-game refreshment. Today you’d use a hydration pack…hey, that’s a good idea!

  • Anonymous

    So you’re saying when the students of UofA are getting to rush the field, they are in a sober state?

  • anon

    ucla bball fans want the team to compete year in and year out. mediocrity is not acceptable. we’re not jaded; we prefer to aspire to greater heights.

    howland should be on a short leash this coming year. another season like this from such a highly paid state employee…

  • Blue Bruin

    All valid points, but Howland has clearly had more misses than hits the past few years. The loss of Stanback and Gordon has crippled the team. I have hope yet for Anderson, but it’s dwindling.

    And I don’t think anyone likes the way Howland handled recruiting this year. There’s no excuse for completing ignoring the top players in L.A.

  • VenturaBruin

    Major drama queens.