Abele retires from football

UCLA freshman offense tackle Nik Abele is retiring from football competition due to medical issues related to his neck, Rick Neuheisel announced today. Because he is retiring for medical reasons, his scholarship will not count against team limits.

“Nik is devastated that he can no longer play football, but his long-term future is more important,” said Neuheisel. “Nik is a great young man and we want him to remain involved with our program, both on and off the field, and continue to go to school to earn his degree.”

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  • Coach Thom

    It must be devastating for the young man. He has so much potential and was ready to contribute in a major way this season. He’s made the appropriate choice, and all Bruins wish him the very best.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    @ lol

    Quit being a douche. You dont know the extent of his injury, so how can you say something like that?

  • Jim

    This Trojan fan wishes Nik a full recovery and I hope he stays and gets his degree from UCLA.

  • BruinFaithful

    This is horrible. This SUCKS!!!! This kid is a stud man. I had read he had like a 36 inch vertical too. What is it with us and OL. It’s like the Clippers and 1st round picks. UNREAL!!!! I wish this kid the best.

    Jon, do you think this is legit or is CRN trying to be creative to open up a scholie, while letting a player finish his education for free?

  • Best Wishes Nik

    Sorry son tghat you couldn’t fulfill your dream…Hopefully you will not second guess your decision and end up physically challenged for another 60 years.

    It’s too bad that too many people are such pathetic fools that they question your manhood and the coaches motives.

    Best wishes in all your future endeavors.

  • uclaone1

    “lol” Totally Moronic comment even if you are being sarcastic….truly moronic…take a moment to think before you text anythiong in the future…

  • Towards the moron

    You’re a fcking moron, whoever you are. Nik is an awesome guy and one hell of a player. You have NO idea what it took to force he and his coach to make this decision. I really hope if you have kids, or if you already do, that one of them have to deal with what Nik has to right now, then someone can tell THEM to “man up”

    Nik, I wish you the best, and I intend to be able to see you rise to another level of greatness one day.

  • Anonymous

    spoke to someone who knows Nick well — he is absolutely devastated by this – it was not his decision – but many corroborating doctors. really sucks.

  • BruinFaithful

    POOR KID!!!! I hope by some miracle his situation changes.

  • Covina Bruin

    “Lol” is a complete and utter Moron, I am sure he is a U$C Trojan who would rather win with a cloud of suspicion with athletes who share the same philosophy as him (reference Cushing and his NFL substance abuse suspension most recently) than wish a Bruin well in his life after Football. Nik will go on to be a succesful young man in whichever endeavor he chooses and will be able to draw upon all those great life lessons football teaches you in order to do so. As oppossed to “lol” who probably never donned a jock strap in his life and lives life strictly as a Monday morning quarterback.

  • That sucks! Nik we the Bruin faithful wish you nothing but the best. I hope to see you on the sidelines during the next football season.