Extravaganswer, Pt. 4

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1) We often heard the LT position is key because it protects the QBs blind side. What skills and abilities might separate a LT from a RT? – bruingold82
The primary skill is not so much a skill as a trait. At left tackle, you need to be willing to initiate contact. Yes, foot speed is at a premium because teams typically line their best pass-rusher against a QB’s blind side, but I really think that to be an effective left tackle, you have to be willing to not just absorb contact, but dish it out. Su’a-Filo was an animal last year when it came to pass blocking. He was not passive. He pounced on the end. Right tackles, meanwhile, typically face pass rushers who try to dazzle them with moves rather than speed, so they must be a little more patient, or, rather, must wait to see what an end throws their way. Here’s a very good break down on the subject: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/157757-so-whats-the-difference-in-a-right-and-left-tackle

2) Will you ask Kevin Prince if he’d consider changing his name to the “Quarterback formerly known as”? – captainqtp
Yes, and he won’t have a number, but an unpronounceable symbol. And then he’ll jump in his Little Red Corvette with a girl wearing a Raspberry Beret, and they’ll Party like it’s 1999. Sorry for that, I couldn’t help myself.

3) Concerns for bruins can lure a top QB recruit for 2011 based on lack of QB success, and lack of offensive identity (Pistol or Air Gun)? – ten yrs gone
Yes, and that’s a great observation. I do think UCLA will have to commit to an offense one way or the other in 2010, and that will have an effect on QB recruiting, too. Classic pocket passers won’t want to run the Revolver.

4) Not impressed so far with Chow, and I don’t need to wait till end of this season. Do you think it is fair to view Chow as a five star recruit, but unable to produce on the field? Tired of excuses, if he only coach five star recruits…bbbye. – ten yrs gone
I think it’s definitely fair to question Chow’s performance, but at the same time, he really, REALLY, had little to work with. The offensive line recruiting during Dorrell’s last few years was shockingly bad, and that translated on the field. Chow is unquestionably one of the great minds in the game, but even he needs something to work with. That’s why a combination of Neuheisel’s recruiting and Chow’s game-planning could be monster.

5) Can you confirm that Remi Barry has been offered a scholarship by UCLA, and reveal what you know about Barry’s interest in UCLA? – Blue Bruin
I’ve heard Barry has some academic issues to sort out, but if they are, the Bruins will make a big push. He’s been showing major interest in St. John’s and Cal, though, so UCLA will have to do some work on him. I’m not sure the academic issues will be resolved.