Quotables: Tyus Edney

What was your first memory of Pauley Pavilion?
“It was unbelievable for me. The history of this place, growing up and watching it on TV, always being a fan – the first time you come, it looks so big, everything is so big. You’re like, ‘This is where I want to be.’ That’s your first impression.”

What’s your best Pauley Pavilion memory?
“Best memory? The ceremony after we won the national championship. Just putting the banner up, the whole ceremony, it being my senior year. To end my career on that type of note was definitely my highlight.”

Do you have any special spot in Pauley Pavilion?
“I guess it would be the locker room, but that’s for everybody. You spend so much time there. It becomes a meeting place, the hangout spot. I didn’t have a special spot except the locker room.”

Will it be a factor in recruiting?
“It will be a huge factor in recruiting. That’s what appeals to the younger people. Everything around is modern, that’s the generation they’re in. There are certain things that recruits expect to see, and I think an up-to-date, nice, modern arena with a lot of the conveniences that a lot of other arenas have puts them right there. But the ability to keep Pauley still Pauley is huge.”

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  • Anonymous

    i think it’s edney

  • Anonymous

    What’s Edney up to nowadays. I read a while back that he was doing well playing in Europe. Can we get an update. He is, by far, my favorite Bruin of all time. A class act all the way.

  • Sexy Lane

    Lane Kiffin made it into the Sweet 16 of the sexiest Woman alive contest

    Vote for Lame!


  • Mike H class of 90

    On a visit to Rome many years ago, I flipped on the TV the first night in to relax…I was surprised while flipping through the channels to find a Euro BBall game with Teeeeeeeus Edney. Loved him at UCLA…

  • Blue Bruin

    I lived in France and saw Edney on TV frequently.

    On another note…as many folks might know, JR Henderson now lives in Japan and plays pro ball. In fact, he’s gained citizenship (or at least residency) and plays for the national team. However, a law says you have to adopt a Japanese name, so in the Land of the Rising Sun he’s known as JR Sakuragi.