Mamba chooses USC

Crenshaw star DeAnthony Thomas wrote on his Facebook page earlier tonight that he was choosing USC. Mamba will join a talented class of early commits for the Trojans, including Mater Dei quarterback Max Wittek and wide receiver Victor Blackwell and Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

I’ve left a message for him, and I’ll try to talk with him in the next couple days.

(UPDATE): Just talked briefly with Mamba, and he confirmed. We’re talking in depth tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    really jon? facebook? wow

  • dolphyfan1

    what pipeline do we exactly have?? We lose the 2 biggest crenshaw recruits the last couple years.

  • ucla

    they really don’t know what they r doing
    i hope the ncca hammers usc

  • BruinFaithful

    You FB stalker you. :). Neu and Company have a lot of ground to make up, but he’s ALWAYS good for a few SUC flips, I expect no less this year. Unfortunately for SUC, the NCAA hammer will drop before signing day this year. GO BRUINS!!!!

  • Jacob

    Crap, we are in some serious trouble right now.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE ask him what kind of amazing sanction-less story Kiffin spun for him. I’d love to hear it.

  • Anonymous

    It all ended with Carter (both Reggie and Raymond) who both felt that they were not properly utilized at UCLA. That is all, game over.

  • Blue Bruin

    How was Carter not properly utilized? He was only a starting linebacker for several years.

  • And watch them scurry away when the NCAA sinks the ship…

    But, who am I to judge, we’ll be happy to take ’em, I guess…

  • Anonymous

    haha you guys are fucked!

  • Slippery Pete

    I wonder if he knows something about impending sanctions that we do not?

    I wouldn’t be all that worried. Last I heard facebook status is not a binding commitment. A lot can happen between now and January and I don’t think Neuheisel is going to stop the full court press.

  • Real L.A. fan

    stop callin him mamba…kobe is mamba…end of story

  • MichaelRyerson

    Oooh Nooo! Mamba to USC?? Geesh Jon, I hope you called him Mr. Mamba, fer cryin out loud. Crenshaw hates us? That being the only high school in the whole wide world I guess we’re done. Terence Jones to Kentucky now? When will it stop?? The world is spinning, spinning…Does anybody like us?

  • MaltBaa

    as i recall Jon did a one on one interview with thomas, i guess the correlation of interviews to UCLA signings is over, well i guess its not signing day…. but seriously guys,,, he was never coming to UCLA. HE was SC’s for the taking. My whole theory on SC grabbing so many early commits: they know impending scholarships will be taken away so if they wanna get on board they have to get on board early. who knows how many of them will stick.

  • robear20

    So what?! They signed a 5’8″ 4 star recruit, who cares?
    Let’s not worry about the Players we didn’t get, there are a lot of players still out there and it is WAY to early to start panicking over verbal commits to another school.

    The only player that has verbally committed to Fu$c that UCLA really needs is Grimble. We will get the QB we need and the recruiting class will fall into line as needed.

    I truly hope that the NCAA does not “drop the hammer” on Fu$c because I do not want that to be the excuse used when the Bruins start dominating the Trogans again, when we beat them on the field we will beat them for the recruits.

    GO BRUINS!!!


    As much as I hate to say it – if $UC loses 20 scholies over 5 years, that’s 4 per year. Chances are, that’s the 4 out-of-state guys that would have come. They are still locking up all the top local talent.

    Similar to us – they are short on the OL/DL. It’s that group that will decide going forward which school is ahead. Both schools have impact players at the skill positions.

  • Reformed Droog

    I’d rest easy on that one, robear20 – USC will get a slap on the wrist so light that it won’t matter at all.

  • Get our own house in order

    I get zero satisfaction out of misery coming USC’s way. Depending on their failure for our success is low-class. How ’bout UCLA becoming great on its own merit. UCLA attracting players because it has a fantastic program that is its own machine for success and for putting young men into the NFL. CRN needs to understand the fundamental reasons players choose one school over another and hone his recruiting strategy to move the right young men to the Westside. I believe he’s working hard on that as well as identifying underrated players to build the foundations of our program.

    UCLA’s future depends on its actions and its results, not SC’s. So, show some character, get behind your Bruins, and stop worrying about what happens across town.

  • HectorSpector

    fCLA’s only hope of EVER catching USC is if the NCAA hands down the Death Penalty … and that ain’t happening, girls.

    So just drop your drawers, bend-over and liberally apply some Vaseline, bRUINS … this screwing goes on and on and on and on …

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Get: i say, why can’t we do both?? no rule says we can’t trash trOJans while reveling in Bruin awesomeness!!!

    real original nickname by the way. any kid with a copied nickname can’t amount to much. c’mon, how about a baseball player taking the name Magic? or the Galloping Ghost?

    and i though Mambas jumped off of sinking ships, not onto them??

  • theuclan

    now that this kid has decided on sc i really dont care what he has to say.. give us an interview with a kid that’s coming to westwood…

  • anon

    Crenshaw pipeline ended when CRC didn’t want to retain Eric Scott…

  • VBs Cat

    oh well looks like he wanted to be part of the Trifecta. Good luck at SUC you 3 Stooges.

  • uclaike

    Agreed with theuclan, it doesn’t matter to me why he chose to go to USC.

  • Reformed Droog

    I’d like to point out that while most of us do believe that UCLA success is best done by strong coaching and gameday wins, it would be shortsighted to ignore the USC issue.

    Recruiting is half the battle in college football. By running a program that attracts players with explicit (or implied) extra benefits, you change the landscape of college recruiting. This is felt strongest in your immediate recruiting area. Even for the good kids who aren’t looking for benefits, it’s distracting. They want to play for a winning team and get exposure. They want to best set themselves up for a chance at the NFL.

    To me, this argument is akin to the arguments made against poor schools doing worse in math and sciences than schools in less poor neighborhoods. Why worry about other schools when there are obvious problems in your own school, right? Well, what if the other schools are getting a greater share of the funds, thereby attracting better teachers?

    I’m not saying that UCLA success is contingent upon USC’s failure. As a long-time UCLA fan, I think it’s clear that we need to improve our own program – the coaching, the wins, the facilities – before we will ever be considered an elite college football destination. But, let’s not ignore the USC issue and pretend it doesn’t matter. I mean, there are only two major college football teams in Los Angeles.

    My point is that some of you may feel strongly that the USC issue doesn’t matter, but that doesn’t mean you should act is if others are praying for a hammer on USC to “save UCLA football”…

  • BruinFaithful

    El Mamon:

    What is really comical is that we are so insignificant to SUC, that their Trogan fans find nothing better to do than to come on here and comment.


    How about that vaseline our Baseball Team applied on your Trogans last week right beofore shoving our bats up your pie holes? I know, I know, Trogans only care about sports they are actually good at right? You’re probably going to say this is some girly sport right? If you even try to, let me remind you what it feels like to get hit with a 90 MPH fastball.

  • Anonymous


    Are the weak man of North America. You can’t beat them straight up in your own back yard, so you’re crying for the police (NCAA) to pull them off your punk asses.

  • BruinFaithful

    Seriously, everybody needs to RELAX. Recruiting battles are not won in the Spring online, they are won in living rooms in the Winter. And like Jerry Maguire, Neuheisel is the King of the Living Room. Remember all the guys who SUC offered that UCLA ended up getting last year.


    Some of these guys were BIG SUC leans and silent commits. Riley told Neu several times he was not interested, and that he was going to go to SUC. Neu said, “I understand, and I respect that, but just let me come to your house and make my case”. Case closed.

    Honestly, who gives a F about SUC. Sports are about cycles, and SUC is obviously on the way down and we on the way up. We have many more schools to compete with for these kids, schools that have actually won recent NC’s not over 6 years ago, unlike SUC. Many of these kids we also competed with FL, LSU, Ok, Texas, ND, Michigan, and Cal for. Of ALL those schools I mentioned, we easily beat SUC more for the same recruits. We have had 3 Top 10 recruiting classes in a row. Like I said, who gives a F about SUC!!!!

  • Agree with bruin faithful!!!It does’nt matter what $uC does! As long as coach neu gets his kinds of players!!!……BRUINS WILL WIN ON AND OFF THE FIELD!…..SCREW $UC!!! GO BRUINS!

  • Anonymous

    When will this winning begin to happen, 99bruin? Let me guess, “next year.”


    MALTBAA/CHARLIE BUCKET/BRUINFAITHFUL/REFORMED DROOG- Thanks to all of you for the terrific insight! I’ve got to admit, after reading about the latest verbals and knowing how much we also wanted those last few guys, I was pretty bummed…I strongly agree that it is indeed in the winter that classes count, and look to CRN to once again make me a proud BRUIN fan!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 8:39- “Next year” you can shove it up your ass! Watch us dance with the UCLA victory!!!

  • lavsmousse

    What everyone has failed to mention is whether or not Thomas could even qualify academically to be admitted to UCLA.

  • BruinFaithful

    Listen you Trogan Nimwits and El Mamon:

    Hoping for sanctions on a cheating SUC program is neither bitch talk, nor jealousy. It’s about creating a LEVEL playing field and proving that the rules are there for a reason and apply to EVERYONE and that NOBODY should be ABOVE the LAW, or do you disagree? It’s about finally savoring some vindication and retribution for what we ALL KNOW has been going on at SUC, from numerous documented reports and testimony, yet the NCAA has done nothing. It’s about a corrupt SUC AD culture that has pompously snubbed it’s nose at regulators and brashly proclaimed “Catch me if you CAN”!!!! A win at ALL costs mentality that permeates the SUC Nation and that threatens the integrity of the game.

    We ALL want to only beat SUC on the playing field and in recruiting, so long as that playing field is level and fair. Maybe SUC can’t win without cheating. Is that what you are saying? Maybe Trogans are the ones who need to MAN UP!!!! If even one of these allegations EVER happened at UCLA, as an Alum, I would be pissed off, appalled, embarrassed, immediately call for the coaches’ and AD’s head, and take my NCAA medicine like a man. I wouldn’t be arrogantly walking around like my shhhh don’t stink. Not SUCsters. Every time I talk to a SUCster, it’s always an “As long as we win” attitude. Well your medicine is coming boys, your medicine is coming.

    So, you SUCsters are going to tell me that if you KNEW a student in your class was cheating and F’ing up the curve, you would sit there, say nothing and just worry about your grade? LMFAO. Are you saying somethng like that wouldn’t bother you, whether you ratted somebody out or not? I’m sure you want to go back to the Roided MLB days too, right?

    Finally, how stupid do you think the NCAA is? You think they need the civil suit to prove guilt? The NCAA is not a court of law, they need no burden of proof to make a ruling. The fact that Bush settled the suit to avoid testifying and incriminating himself and SUC doesn’t wreak of guilt to you? Maybe you should get your nose checked. Or do you believe that non guilty parties settle 100k’s suits because they are nice guys? LMFAO!!!! The fact that Bush took the suit to the limit and crapped out right before shhhhh hit the fan and he was going to be deposed under oath, sounds EVERY bit the part of guilty to me pal. Go see an ear, nose and throat speacialist and take those rose colored glasses off while you’re at it.

  • Anonymous

    El “Mamon”- Regardless of what you say, you can still GFY!!!

  • Scott Salazar

    stop calling him Mamba. Your disrespecting Kobe Bryant, the one and only Black Mamba. DeAnthony needs a new nickname. How about Puppet?

  • stunt

    Wow, how far have u fallen that youre banking on sanctions against another school to help yours. I mean, your coaching the last ten years has been phenomenal. Your QB recruiting has been extraordinary. Cheating? I guess all those recruits at SC would have gone to you if they didn’t cheat. Yeah, Carl Dorrell was known as a recruiting guru. I’m sorry Ken Norton; you need coaching experience to coach here in westwood….Genius move. So you stole a couple recruits last season…..while you’re boasting about it ; SC is hitting the recruiting trail and whoopin your a– off the field too. Shut up and lie in your Ruins; and admire the beauty of Troy. How you long to be called a champion.

  • H8T SuC

    CRN will go after him HARD now…