Terrence Jones flips to Kentucky

Portland forward Terrence Jones, who verbally committed to Washington recently but never signed his LOI, has flipped to Kentucky. In other news, Bruin fans breathe a little easier. He would have been a monster in the Pac-10.

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  • Blue Bruin

    Much as I hate Kentucky and loathe Calipari, I’m just as happy to see Jones exit the Pac 10. That he’s aligning himself with Calipari (ie, selling his soul to the devil) tells me all I need to know about Jones.

  • Mr. Massachusetts…no, I mean Memphis…no, I mean Kentucky

    I look forward to Terrance coming to the Blue Grass state so that I can develop him in my semi-pro program to raise his worth before we go to a highest bidder in the NBA!

    What’s that, you wonder where my son, who wants to play for me at “Ol’ Kain-tuck?” will end up?

    Damn, when he’s 18, let him look for a job like the kids in my programs!

    Now excuse me while I send a Tweet about how much I love Kentucky.


    How sad is it that we come to his board as Bruins – holders of 11 National Championships – in fertile recruiting ground – and express joy that a top-flight recruit doesn’t have to face us?

    These guys – Terrence Jones – Hollis Thompson – Jordan Hamilton – are guys we need to get or keep close to home. I sure hope CBH has a guy that can keep players home – we already lost another to Texas for 2011.

    I’m keeping the faith – but we need to start landing some studs that are actually evaluated correctly.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Guy seems like a real headache. I think Romar dodged a bullet with this guy. Ask Howland, I think he has seen enough of this kind of character.

  • bruins_united

    @BruinInSeattle: x2. i totally agree with you here. romar definitely dodged a bullet here. romar’s “thing” is developing players and we’ve seen how bringing a one-n-doner (hawes) to UW has never gotten them far. romar needs 4-year players like (roy, nate rob, dentmon, brock, etc.).

    @BRUIN NC: for terrance jones to stay at “home” would mean he would be going to either oregon or UW. i agree that CBH needs to keep players at home but i feel like CBH needs to start looking at the coach K methodology – recruiting guys that will STAY so you can build a program rather than have one star-studded year.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    “…but i feel like CBH needs to start looking at the coach K methodology – recruiting guys that will STAY so you can build a program rather than have one star-studded year.”

    Ding ding ding!!! Coach K experienced a similar dilemma to what CBH has currently suffered…although not to the same extremes. Coach K adjusted his recruiting accordingly to have solid players whose NBA prospects are marginal at best which lends them to likely staying for 3 to 4 years. Sprinkle in a high impact NBA-caliber guy here and there…one who might only stay 1 year but will give you bang for the scholarship for that one year…and you’ll probably like our chances at that point.

    Go Bruins!

  • Jacob

    As much as this helps UCLA, this makes me HATE Calipari even more. He is the biggest slime ball in sports. I know he didn’t convince Jones otherwise after he committed to UW, but just the fact that he tells these kids that he will help them just improve their draft stock to leave a year later just wrecks the entire foundation of college basketball.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with sandiegobruinfan completely. Having some stability and identity in a program is better than adjusting the whole team to suit one or two so-called “top recruits” in a year that will never bring a championship into town. Love was as close a top-recruit to get us to the promise land, no more. And without Westbrook and Mbah a Moute, we would have been bounced from the 2nd round.

    Coach K and his program will be remembered as a dynasty. Kentucky, on the other hand, will be nothing more than a “buy-as-many-players-as-you-can-afford-while-you-can-get-away-with” and when Calipari leaves, the only thing that will stick to the Kentucky name will be NCAA sanctions.

    There is no need to envy or hate Calipari. He will do what he does best, which is selling, not coaching. Make no mistake, even if CBH lands the same recruits, there probably will not be championships to speak of. There will be more ESPN stories and media attention no doubt. But I’d rather see more banners when I lift my head.