Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1)You’ve spent a lot of time around the UCLA athletic programs, the campus, the students, alumni, etc the past year. What occasion, event, or meeting stands out to you? – Fan4Life
Very interesting question. Meeting Bill Walton in Oregon was definitely a memorable experience. UCLA at Tennessee was pretty awesome. MAH’s shot against Concordia was unreal. Those are what stick out the most.

2) Have you ever done an EXCLUSIVE interview with a recruit that did not end up committing to UCLA? I think all the kids you’ve interviewed ended up committing to UCLA, so hurry and get The Mamba on the phone!! – 909Bruin
I’ve only done a handful of those interviews, and yes, it seems they’ve committed to UCLA. Weird coincidence.

3) How many OL do you think UCLA needs to pick up in this class? – Spencer
Three: One impact, one serviceable and one project, like Wade Yandall, who could end up being a steal.

4) Any word on when the Wear twins will announce their transfer destination? – Spencer
I wouldn’t say there’s a timetable yet.

5) How are teams selected for the College World Series? – Spencer
Teams that win the 28 conference tournaments receive automatic berths in the tournament. The remaining 36 teams are chosen by a committee of college administrators and coaches based on several criteria, including their record, poll rankings and schedule strength.

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  • Anonymous

    MAH’s shot vs Washington > Concordia

  • Anonymous

    Disagree. Imagine losing to Concordia!!!