• If thing are not shifted, at least a little, after sanctions, then I might be worried.

  • spedjones

    not worried as long as he’s focusing on top-notch big boys for the OL. What I don’t want it a bunch of TEs making up our class. That said, it would be nice to see a top QB announce soon…

  • Ri-L

    Panic? That’s just plan ignorant. What happened last year with Dietrich Riley? How short our memories are….

  • Anonymous

    Panic, it’s either the same people on the same recruiting sites that over react to anything related to football or basketball or the SC plants that like to stir things up. That is why I don’t subscribe to these sites.

  • bruins_united

    this is bruin nation. we panic when a recruit takes a dump and it comes out the wrong color. its why we are the way we are.

  • Anonymous

    having strong commitments upfront sends a very positive message about the interest of top recruits to be part of the program. while waiting for the last minute may yield results, the risks are higher; it may create the impression that top players are undecided or decide to attend UCLA because other options did not work. Moving from an average program to a top program will require early commitments that demonstrate the strong commitment of top players to be part of the program.

  • UCLA ’64

    Most most vocal Internet denizens are not representative of the majority of fans who read the message boards and blogs but keep their mouths shut. Those worried at this point are already worrying about the 2020 season. They don’t really know what they want, but they’re absolutely positive they wanted it yesterday.

  • 909Bruin

    i wouldn’t say panic, BUT it is a concern that a Bruin “lean” commited to sc (Grimble) and one from our “pipeline” (D. Thomas).
    SC is getting some heavy hitters right now, and we cant fall too far behind because we’ll be left going after the second tier players.

  • UCLArt

    Great headline!?

    Three of the same chicken-littles cry “the sky is falling,” and your headline makes it seem like there is panic.

    Give me a break.

    I could care less about some 17 year old’s Facebook update.

    Is it September yet?

  • gilligan

    I am a USC fan and at the moment I am happy for the potential incoming recruits for 2011. As some of you have noted in earlier posts, a commitment is not binding and things can change.
    @909Bruin, was Grimble really viewed as a UCLA lean? From the information that I read about him I thought the competition was between USC, Oklahoma and Neb.
    I am very surprised that USC is finally having success at Crenshaw, maybe Coach Kiffin broke down some barriers but I think the loss of Coach Walker is the bigger reason.
    UCLA biggest need is QB to help recruit players and at the moment it looks like Kessler’s selection will be between USC and UW. My guess is that he’ll go to UW instead of USC.
    The low scholarship numbers will make it hard for UCLA to make a splash during signing period compare to last season.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Recruiting (especially head to head against SC) will come down to the respective records at the end of the year. If we are 6-6 and lose to SC while they are 10-2 then recruiting is going to be very hard this year, especially with the low number of scholies available. If we are 9-3 with a victory over SC and they are 6-6 – that’s another story and I would fully expect some of the early committments to think twice. It is REALLY early…

  • Coach Thom

    gilligan offers some good comments. Our coaches must do better with the players they have. Plain and simple. Coach Rick seems to be focusing on O-linemen now, both in state and out. That’s a great, although somewhat obvious, move. We all know the engine of any football team is the LOS. Get the Big Uglies on both sides of the LOS and you’ve got a chance to win championships. Next up, a high-quality QB. Then great DBs. After that, an explosive RB and a couple of WRs that can run routes and actually catch the ball. Head-hunting LBs are next in line, and finally, accurate kickers. With great coaching, teams with less than stellar players can win championships. Coach Rick and his staff are working hard on improving every facet of our football program, including the coaching. We will be competitive this year and very dangerous next season. The pieces are falling into place.

  • Jacob

    Grimble was not a UCLA lean ever. His cousin JUST signed with ‘SC, that makes him an immediate ‘SC lean if anything. I know he was looking at us, but to call him a lean is just garbage.

    I think so far the only thing we really missed on is Blackwell. I thought we had a great shot with him, but apparently playing with Max and Thomas was more important than being on the bench all four years of college. Wittek was really the key though, and because we have started to switch over to the pistol, he wouldn’t have fit and he knew it. Lets just see if we can get our act together and get Pomee to commit soon just to get the ball rolling.

  • JJA42

    I don’t think there is enough information to properly answer this either way. For example, is there the possibility of any silent verbals out there? Who lists us as their favorite or co-favorite? If this information was part of the equation (as opposed to just “hey, look who has committed to Southern Cal”) I think you would get a more accurate picture.

  • awash

    Seems like alot of people don’t realize that a majority of these 5 star recruits choosing SUC, cannot be admitted to UCLA.

    So just chill!! And BTW Gold never discloses that a kids grades are the reason why they are not being recruited or that Coach Neu has told them they need to get an A and 2 B’s in their core classes to get admitted. Just look at all the JC guys that committed and then bailed at the last second because they could not get a “B” in classes.

    Why do u think Wendell Tyler’s son went to SUC?

  • Anonymous

    Dietrich Riley was a silent verbal who decided to switch after a coaching change. I don’t anticipate that we can flip many recruits like that this year. I fear if there’s no TV ban and only a 1 year bowl ban that usc will not be effected at all by the sanctions. Right now they might be on track to have the number 1 class in the nation again.

  • KO

    There is no need to worry about losing recruits to USC. They are recruiting on another level along with Texas and Florida. We are closing the gap because while they are getting theirs we are getting ours against the rest of the PAC10 and occasionally against SC. We will not get to that level until we win 9-10 games consistently. Until then, we just close the gap and outcoach Kiffin like CRN did last year @ Tenn.

  • jim

    awash…are you serious??

  • awash is right, why recruit players that can’t get in at UCLA? it makes no sense.

  • MichaelRyerson

    So much hand-wringing. And over what? What some high school kid says is going to happen next year? Next year? Give me a break. Most seventeen year old kids don’t know what’s going to happen next week. And so what if they all go to SC? Let em go where they’re happy. Unless the rules have changed when I wasn’t looking, only eleven guys are going to be allowed on the field at a time. Line em up, let’s play ball. Neuheisel is a proven recruiter. He’ll get his. And they’ll be good. Chow is still a highly regarded offensive coordinator (one of the really elite coordinators even given the last couple of seasons). He hasn’t forgotten how to do this. He’ll find an effective combination to put on the field. USC sanctions? Who cares? This is Bruin football. I want to beat them straight up. Grade threshold too high for effective recruiting? Get real. This is Bruin football. Some of the most successful football programs in the country are populated with kids who can’t speak in complete sentences. That ain’t my cup of tea. I’m proud when I hear one of our kids being interviewed. Go Bruins!

  • Anonymous

    Panic? Probably was posting the same thing last year at this time….

    CRN is the Mariano Rivera of the closers in college recruiting….he can make an elephant carry a mouse.

    Move on, nothing to see here…and let’s see what the NCAA hands down, then let’s talk recruiting.

  • Dean

    I immediately question the character of any high school athlete choosing to play for USC these days.

  • Reality bites

    I immediately question the character of any high school athlete *even contemplating* playing for USC these days.

  • cv

    Rick is a little short on rides for this year class. Didn’t he over sign last year?