Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) I led the charge in criticizing Howland for the exodus of players. Is there even the slightest possibility that Howland knew that the Wears would be available and therefore “dismissed” Morgan and did not resist Moser’s transfer request? – Blue Bruin
I believe they were mutually exclusive. Morgan was a problem and needed to go, Moser realized he would be stuck behind Honeycutt, and the Wears were a while from publicizing their intentions.

2) There will UCLA play when the inside of Pauley is being renovated? Staples? – Brian
The GW Forum, Staples and maybe the Honda Center.

3) What will happen first….football team will actually have an offense, or the 2nd coming of Christ? – Anonymous
Well, the world is ending in 2012 anyway, right? So I’ll say Christ. No, the offense. No, Christ. OK, fine the offense.

4) Ok Jon, lots of BBQ restaurants in the T.O. and Agoura Hills areas, but what’s the best??? – Hungry Bruin
The Meat Locker in Thousand Oaks is pretty good. Bandits was my favorite for a long time, but has fallen off. Big fan of Famous Dave’s, but it’s not the highest quality. Nothing beats Doctor Hogly Wogly Tyler Texas BBQ or the Bear Pit in Granada Hills, though.

5) All those weddings and no rings. Are you tired of being the bridesmaid? – 27 dresses
Absolutely. I already have my something borrowed and something blue. Is that an offer?

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  • BruinChick

    I’ll marry you.

  • BruinFaithful

    Christ? Jews for Jesus? Jon, I thought you were Jewish.

  • Tony

    The newest BBQ sensation in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village: Stonefire Grill on T.O. Blvd—fantastic

  • BruinInSeattle

    when the hell are we going to find out whether the Wears are coming to UCLA or not?

  • Not T.O., but any love for Chris and Pitts?

  • Anonymous

    Rush hour 3 sucks

  • mike

    I kinda like My Brothers in Woodland Hills better than The Bear Pit. Sad to say the bear pit isn’t that great but we always go there on the way home from the UCLA games. For a quick casual BBQ, Pecos Bill’s in Glendale is hard to beat and I love their BBQ sauce, not very sweet but a great tang to it.

  • Reformed Droog

    It’s all about the Korean BBQ for me, but I can go for Hogly Wogly’s too.

    Damn, now I’m missing LA again…

  • alreadygone

    That’s what the Bruins need is two more non-athletic tall white players , where’s a decent point guard. If this is the case SC will run them out of the gym again.

  • DeAnthony Thomas

    It really feels like all the top players from Southern California want to come to USC.

  • Coach Thom

    All this BB drivel is wearing thin.

  • awash

    I thought this was a Bruin Sports blog – can we drop the questions about BBQ!!

  • Anonymous

    Willy’s BBQ in Agoura is terrific! And if you want a chance to try everything, they have an all-u-can-eat special on Mondays & Tuesdays for only $12. That’s worth it for the ribs alone!

  • Anonymous

    Ya, this is supposed to be a sports blog… but when the sports news is hardly posted, we gotta talk about something – be it BBQ or whatever. Jon, common – where is the SPORTS NEWS??? Baseball, basketball, football, etc.? You’re slackin’ man.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Another wedding? What?

  • ihydbruin

    I’d rather hear about BBQ than men’s and women’s tennis.

  • Anonymous

    celtics are focused, lakers better step up or it is 2008 again.

  • ucla john

    is jill painter one of the dumbest columnists around?