Since I’ve been gone…

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t give a head’s up first: I’ve been on Tour of California duty for the last several days.

I was, however, at the NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot this morning, and got a chance to visit with Maurice Jones-Drew for an extended period. I’ll have the interview up Monday morning, along with my chat with Kevin Prince.

Here are links to a few of my Amgen stories:

Stage Six preview

Lance Armstrong story

Stage Six feature

  • Anonymous

    Great story Jon. I’m a huge bicycle racing fan, and had no idea how big the Amgen Tour had become. Especially like your story because TV coverage is lacking for the first half of every stage. I’m sure the UCLA honks will be upset that you had another assignment, but this is one person who isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, maybe you should start a blog called inside the Amgen Tour? I’m sure it would be a big hit! You could have bloggers, who have only ridden a Schwinn cruiser, showing their vast knowledge and experience of the cycling game. Then you could do a Q&A and take on those so very critical questions. Like Jon, when you are watching the Amgen tour do you wear one of those cute biking unifoms? Or Jon, when you are heading to watch the Amgen tour do you stop at Burger King or In & Out? These are the type of questions that UCLA Honks want so desperately to hear.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with $C stories on the UCLA page?! If it has nothing to do with the Bruins, please get it off the UCLA page!!!

  • UCLASteve

    Agree with Anonymous 9:53am… also, would like SOME UCLA stories too, ya know, cuz this is a UCLA sports blog. Not just football and basketball. Tennis, water polo, golf, baseball… all those sports had big weekends and NOT A WORD of results, info, etc. What gives?

  • Anonymous

    unless they are on U$C sanctions.

  • Semi-Pro


    Those other sports only exist at ucla BECAUSE OF the football and basketball teams. Thank your lucky stars you even HAVE them, otherwise, nobody cares. Go read the Daily Bruin if you want coverage of other sports.

  • UCLASteve


    The name of this sports blog is “Inside UCLA”, not Inside UCLA Basketball and Football”.

  • Anonymous

    Even Dohn said to go elsewhere if you want coverage of something besides fb and bb. Keep up the good work JG…

  • Carl Landry’s Teeth

    Where is my Nancy Salas update! Is she going to be charged or not?

  • JC

    Like I have said before this Blog has become a joke. I get more information from BruinGold and that’s saying a lot. I come on here hoping to get some info, but I get disappointed every time.

  • Perry White

    @Anon at 5/24: 10:00AM

    1) I knew Dohn when he was a cub reporter, like Jimmie Olson…he was a D*B then, and also when he wrote on this blog!

    2) Regardless of your sentiments about Mr. Gold’s job, he’s lucky the Daily News hasn’t been taken to court in the suit-happy L.A. environemnt for violating the ‘truth in advertising’ clause.

    At the extreme top of the left column the mission is stated, and I quote:

    “About Inside UCLA
    Stay on top of all UCLA sports with up-to-the-minute information and insight from Jon Gold and the rest of the Daily News sports staff.”

    I’m only asking that Mr. Gold (and the rest of the daily News staff) adhere to the principles of its stated mission and of journalism (even within a blog) when it clearly states that the content is about “all UCLA sports.”

    And one more thing — Don’t call me Chief!

  • UCLA’s Waterpolo Coach

    the only sports that should ever be posted about on this blog are football and basketball and… er… i guess waterpolo? JK nobody gives a rats @ss about waterpolo

  • UCLASteve

    @ Anon 5/24 10am: “Even Dohn said to go elsewhere if you want coverage of something besides fb and bb. Keep up the good work JG…”

    What??? What does Dohn have to do with this blog? He no longer works here thank goodness. Totally agree with Perry White above… the mission statement of this very blog is not being followed. Fine, if you only want to write about football and basketball, then change the mission statement. The problem however is that at this point, we are not even getting football or basketball info anymore. We are getting bike racing info?!?!?!

  • misterjohnny

    More UCLA, less bicycling.

    That goes for the newspaper too. Two stories on “stage 6” of a bike race? Who cares? Is the Sports Editor a cyclist or something?

  • Mike H class of 90