EXCLUSIVE: David and Travis Wear on their transfer

Why the decision to come to UCLA now and not out of high school?
David: “I just feel like it’s a great school with a great coach. I was looking for a school that was benefit me as a player, and as a student athlete. It wasn’t so much (Howland’s) pitch – originally I wanted to experience going away from home, playing for North Carolina, seeing what that was like. But seeing how much my family, my friends, my people support me, I missed that a lot. I miss being able to come home and see everyone.”
Travis: “He basically summed it up right there – I was really intrigued with the idea of playing for North Carolina. I thought it was a great opportunity, but I did miss the support of our friends and our family out here. I did miss home.”

What was the transfer process like? Tough to leave North Carolina?
David: “It was a great experience, no hard feelings at all – I made a lot of good friends there, I have a lot of respect for everyone back there. It was more a personal decision and a family decision than anything.”

Was there any question you’d choose UCLA?
David: “Since UCLA was my No. 2 to start with, I feel like I had an idea of where I wanted to go. There were other options out there, but I wanted to stay in the West coast, stay in the Pac-10. It just so happened to be up the street. And they had two scholarships available, which was great.”

Any apprehension given UCLA’s past season?
David: “I feel like it’s a great school with a historic program. Every school has their down years. My brother and I are both going to come in and do everything we can to contribute. It’s going to be great to play with a former teammate Blake Arnet, and Tyler Lamb is going to be there also. They have a lot of talent on that team, and a great coach. I don’t think it will take a lot to get it turned around. We have all the weapons, all the tools to do so.”

How important is it to you to play with former high school and AAU teammates?
Travis: “I’m very excited about being a part of the nucleus over there. Being able to play with players I played with in high school is going to be a wonderful experience. I played with a lot of them growing up through the years.”

How difficult will it be to sit out next season?
Travis: “It’s going to be tough, but I’ll have the opportunity to get bigger and stronger and work on my game. When I come back in, my first year of eligibility, I’ll be that much better.”

Was there any thoughts of splitting up?
David: “There were schools out there that offered to take one of us if the other didn’t want to go. But we’re comfortable playing together, and to have the opportunity to keep playing together is a great thing. We played together our whole lives.”
Travis: “I don’t think we’ve ever thought about splitting up. It was a given that we’d go the same place.”

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  • Keith

    If no one leaves next year, 2012 should be an awesome team–final 4 material.

  • jdoggbruin

    welcome aboard, can’t wait to see how much they can use this year to learn the system and develop physically and mentally! great, great news! let’s just get some guards now

  • MJD Lite

    Do they lose a year of eligibility?

  • Sid

    MJD Lite,

    Yes, they will have to sit out this upcoming season, but will be able to practice with the team.

  • Tony G

    MJD, no they will not lose a year, but they have to sit out the 2010-11 season. They will have 3 years of eligibility left, I believe.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Tony G is right.

  • kurt

    They will have to burn their redshirt year. Yes, though…they’ll still have 3 years left to play.

  • BruinFaithful

    WTF is Blake Arnet?

  • uncfan4life

    Honestly, they didn’t prove to be as good as they were advertised to be coming out of high school. I’m glad they are gone because it opens up scholarships for two kids who really want to be a TARHEEL and are willing to work with dedication to learn the game at the college level.

    Even that aside, it’s amazing how these “boys” allow their friends to guide them, while relying on their father to do their dirty work – like not having the maturity to speak to Roy in person to properly ask for their release. That was just a slap in the face and a sign of immature babies.

    Speaking of their father… don’t get me started!

  • Anonymous

    How true; they have a jerk for a father. If he had any integrity, he would have had them tell William that they were going to leave and why.

  • Anonymous

    overrated…glad to see them gone…good luck with ucla…lol

  • PC

    They were no help at all to Carolina and a huge disappointment.

    With the addition of Drew Who, UCLA will officially be Carolina’s West Coast bench.