Weekly Q&A

Hey guys,

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.

I’ll finish off last week’s leftover questions shortly…


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  • Anonymous

    Do you really think Lance Armstrong has never taken PEDs?

  • 909Bruin

    how do you compare Marc Tyler and Malcolm Jones? If they were both coming out this year, who would you take and why?

  • 909Bruin

    do you think Zumwalt will crack the rotation at MLB this season?

  • 909Bruin

    what position on D do you think Anthony Barr ends up at?? any chance he can play WLB? i think he and Shirley can hold down the OLB spots for a long time with Owa, Graham, Tepa at ends. Thats speed all over the field!

  • mike04

    Jon, can you confirm whether there are any “silent verbals” out there? How much did the lack of offensive firepower at the Spring Scrim hurt the recruiting front in your opinion?

  • BruinJess

    Jon, what’s going on. How come my Bruins have not received any commitments (football) yet? I know CR is a great recruiter but shouldn’t that mean some commitments by now?

  • 909Bruin

    How are we looking with WR Kasen Williams?? Do we have a good shot at landing him? Maybe you need to do one of your ‘EXCLUSIVES’ with him *wink*

  • Bruin Fan

    Any chance the Bruins can salvage their opportunity and land Kessler?

    Other schools were all over Kessler and rolling out the red carpet while Rick and Neu were treating him like a marginal recruit. He was UCLA’s to lose and it looks like the coaches dropped the ball with him. Alabama offers a kid 3000 miles away months before UCLA even pays a visit 90 miles up the road.

    This is a glaring reason SC seems to be rolling in the recruits even while sanctions loom and a controversial new head coach

  • UCLA ’64

    FOOTBALL: Can you please let us know about the status of Darius Bell, quarterback from SFCC. There’s a persistent rumor on the Internet about him that (1) he’s coming to UCLA and (2) he’s so great that he’s going to jump ahead of Prince and start for the Bruins in the fall. For the record, I don’t believe either rumor.

  • UCLASteve

    Why are other UCLA sports (i.e. Tennis, Water Polo, even Baseball, etc.) hardly to-never covered via this blog even though the blog’s mission statement clearly states, “About Inside UCLA – Stay on top of all UCLA sports with up-to-the-minute information and insight from Jon Gold and the rest of the Daily News sports staff.”?

  • 909Bruin

    how do you think we’ll do against the run? Since teams will try to shove it down our throats,(due to our depth and inexperience) do you think that will force C. Marsh AND S. Epenesa both to play this year?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Dohn still reads the blog? Does he miss us? Would you miss us if you took another job?

  • Anonymous

    If Coleman has two great final seasons and makes it to the league, would he be the first deaf running back in the NFL?


    Can you explain to me how the hell my nephew gets rejected by UCLA,yet accepted to YALE?Are you freaken kidding me?YALE!He was so heart broken.He grew up a Bruin fan and even cried when he didn’t get in.Ucla is a great place to get a good education but it is no YALE.

  • Anonymous

    should we be concerned that neuheisal seems to take a non-proactive approach when it comes to recruiting? We pulled in a couple of good players last year but that was probably due to a coaching change at usc (like with Riley). Can our football team survive with that approach? appreciate it.

  • spedjones

    Don’t waste Jon’s time with questions you can find answers to in a matter of seconds. There have been two deaf players in the history of the NFL, Kenny Walker with the Denver Broncos in the early 1990s and Bonnie Sloan for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1973.

  • Anonymous

    Are we still trying to get darrell scott from colorado. I remember he was a top 10 recruit with a 4.3 or so 40 yard dash. Will we get him, when, do we want him?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, assuming that the current USC commits sign with USC and Kessler does not go to UCLA (my guess is that he is going to UW instead of USC), who does UCLA need to sign to offset the USC gains? Last year UCLA viewed Owa’s signing as a counter to Henderson and I am not sure if UCLA will be able to get someone like Owa’s caliber this signing period b/c of the low scholarship numbers.
    @BRUINBEATCH, back in my day (1990s) I was rejected by UC Santa Cruz but accepted by USC and UCLA.

  • jwrbruins

    Ok…I will ask this for the third time. What can and can’t the coaches (Football) do this time of the year..between Spring and Fall as far as coaching, recruiting, etc?

  • JC

    Hey Jon,

    How about you start limiting 1 question per reader instead of a paragraph full of questions???



    Any idea why this happens?

  • With a need at OL how are we doing with out of staters Flavin,Asiata,Hobbi,and Yruretagoyena?…And do we have a (serious)shot at getting WR Tobias Singleton and S Wayne Lyons?

  • Anonymous

    On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most, how important is competition within a team for a specific position in NCAA football? Same question for NCAA basketball.

  • Jacob

    To Bruinbeatch- college acceptances are very subjective. I’m a first year at UCLA and I know exactly how random the college process really is. Certain PEOPLE, not even schools, look for certain traits in applicants. You have to realize that it’s a crapshoot and you can only hope they make the right choice.

    To Jon- So I just read on a blog that Austin Rivers is visiting UCLA. He’s a top 5 recruit and he plays SG, just what we could use to replace Lee. Any chance we get him?


  • Anonymous

    From what you know about the Wear twins, are their skills pretty comparable or is one supposed to be “better” than the other?

  • BruinBall

    Okay, so all Bruins are suppose to think Lane Kiffen is a buffoon who has only gotten ahead because of who his father is. But from all I can tell, he seems like he is a very capable recruiter and by many accounts, a decent offensive mind. What’s your impression of him?

  • Steve

    Looking four years down the road, what do you think the Wear twins careers at UCLA end up like (Keefe? Kevin Love? somewhere in between)? Any chance they make it onto NBA rosters?

  • Anonymous

    Is this revolver offense similar to Oregon’s offense? Do other schools besides Nevada use this offense? Will looking at this offense on a day to day basis make it easier for the defense against teams like Oregon?

  • MaltBaa

    Does Darius Bell have a red shirt year available?

  • MaltBaa

    Do you still consider going after Hundley a waste of time? How are we doing from him? Isnt he going to visit?

  • MaltBaa

    what names are must gets for ucla in the next rectuiting season along the OL?

  • Bruin ’05

    How do the Wear twins compare with Stanford’s Lopez twins from two years ago in terms of skill, athleticism, and potential?

  • Anonymous

    You said he saw it, is there any chance Knox misread the ‘writing on the wall’?

  • Anonymous

    Abele retired, Knox to transfer..
    how about a scholarship to Abbott?