Read this now. Trust me.

I’ve grown close to many of the Daily Bruin guys this year, and when one of them writes a story like this, I brim with pride. Matt Stevens absolutely crushed this story about Eric Calhoun, a blind UCLA and Southern California baseball fan. Please read this story and watch the video that follows. Amazing.

Biggest Fan

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  • The Craw

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Bruin_67

    Thanks for passing this along… It really brightened my day!

  • romeojam

    absolutely amazing read. very inspiring. i even shed a tear or two. great work matt!

  • robear20

    GREAT STORY!!!! I will remember this the next time I am feeling lazy and am trying to talk myself out of going to my nieces softball game or trying to give away my season tickets for a pre-season game because I do not feel like leaving the house to drive to the Rose Bowl to watch UCLA vs San Diego State.

    This young man is an inspiration to me as an “able bodied” man who has a tendency to complain about the traffic on the freeway or the line at the grocery store being too long, he should be so lucky to have the ability to sit in traffic in his own car.

    I must admit, I can be a hard ass, but this story choked me up. A story like this brings to my mind the old saying “there but for the grace of God go I” and makes me realize all of the things I take for granted.

  • Mario DiLeo

    Nice…but did anyone ask Eric if he ever goes to Dodgers or Angels games?

  • SJ

    Andrew Howard is a total hottie! DBSports 4 ever!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic read Thanks!