Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) I tried to post this yesterday but for whatever reason it never populated. I was wondering, have you heard anything on Julian Washburn? He’s still shown on a couple sites as a UCLA prospect for 2010, but it’s as if he dropped off the face of the planet. – Josh
I simply haven’t heard ANYTHING on him. There is no recent news on him, his profile hasn’t been updated in a while, and I’m starting to think he was a academic casualty.

2) Hey Jon, been a while since I posted on the blog. Can you expound of why you would think Howland would be foolish not to take the Wears. I have come up with equally compelling arguments on both sides of this issue. Thanks. – BruinJigs
Brother Jigs, it has been a while. First of all, I really like the Wears’ game, and they are a year removed from being major UCLA targets. They didn’t all of a sudden lose that talent. Given the precarious roster situation, clearly the Bruins need bodies in addition to star-studded prospects.

3) Remi Barry to UCLA, is it looking good? – BruinJigs
Interest-wise, yes. Academics, not sure.

4) At what point does Chow need to be accountable for lack of offensive fire power? He needs five years, then we can just blame it on talent and not Chow? I watch this team very closely, don’t see much improvement. If he was anyone else, fans would question big time…why would he leave, no one puts pressure on him. Sorry, but 2010 will be another yawn on offense. – 10 yrs gone
Next year is the make-or-break year for Chow in my opinion. He’ll have a senior-led offensive line of primarily his/Neuheisel recruits, and the proof will be in the pudding. That being said, I think they make major strides this season.

5) Jon, keep up the great work. Quick question, with UCLA Football having limited scholies this year, do you find the offers out of proportion? For some positions, QB, Oline, DT, it feels like we are trolling vs focusing on a select few. – Anonymous
I’m surprised by the amount of defensive line offers to this point, and the lack of OL offers. I would focus more on the OL right now, if I’m them. But QB is certainly the biggest priority, and they’re pushing hard for an elite-level target.

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  • Tustin Dave

    At last count, UCLA had offered 15 OTs, 9 OGs, 8 DTs, and 9 DEs. They obviously are trying to get guys to commit sooner rather than later in the trenches. So I believe that they are focused on the OL with 28 offers compared to 17 for the DL. Remember that they probably only have about 17 scholarships to give out for next season after having taken 3 large classes in a row under Neuheisel. So once they have gotten verbals, they probably will be telling the kids that were offered that they are filled.

  • JC

    WOW!!!!! Hey Jon how about doing your homework. UCLA has made more offers to OL than DL.

  • Anonymous

    but you forget Tustin Dave, that Jon only couts something as official, like an official offer, if he sees it on facebook. So your count of 24 OL offers are null.

  • Anonymous

    Rivals has UCLA with 30 offers out for the Oline. 26 of which are still available.

    Thats not a lot? Cmon Jon, you cant even pull up rivals for an answer?

  • spedjones

    perhaps all he’s saying is that he’d have used a majority of thost 8 DT and 9 DE offers on OT/OG’s instead.

  • Anonymous


  • MaltBaa

    All of you entitled commenters should cancel your subscription to insideucla and demand a refund

  • Anonymous


    If we all canceled our subscription and stopped visiting this site, there would be no hits and no justification for the blog to exist. You see where this is going?

  • Anonymous

    There will still be hits. Not everyone feels entitled when information is free. Basically, just the d-bags should leave. You get the picture now?

  • MaltBaa

    anon @ 441
    So your saying your doing a public service for the daily news? I am sure your time can be better served saving up money for scout or rivals account.