Frazier cuts list to two

Looks like it will be a battle between Arkansas and Auburn for Kiehl Frazier’s services. The quarterback from Shiloh Christian in Arkansas – incredible website here – was very high on UCLA’s list.

The Bruins will likely shift all their attention to Brett Hundley and Cody Kessler. Expect UCLA to try to pick up a second quarterback as well, in the Trevor Gretzky or Michael Bercovici mold.
Here’s a link to the story: Two-way street

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  • INawe

    that is a really nice website.

  • Snakeoiler

    Wow, amazing highlight reel. This kid is going to be a very good college QB. Size, arm strength, ability to run. Too bad we didn’t get him, he would have been super running Norm’s new Revolver attack.

    We will probably be hearing a lot more about Frazier in the years to come as an SEC QB.

  • Anonymous

    great scoop jon!!!

    this was posted yesterday on scout.

  • spedjones

    our QB recruiting continues to underwhelm. We have no chance at Kessler and Hundley’s probably an Arizona lean.

  • spedjones

    but what about the kid from NC? Didn’t he have us and VT in his final 2?

  • Anonymous

    maybe ucla should try and bring back gary beban. Does he have eligibility left? did he play in the pros? with a really bad line and mediocre at best qb ucla has no prayer this year or in the next 3 years at being respectable imo. the recruiting is not really picking up either, is it now?

  • Mario DiLeo

    Hmmm…I know this sounds bitter but based on the slickness of the website, Frazier seems high-maintenance…guess we didn’t have the $$$ to sign him.

  • Anonymous

    It is getting too difficult to recruit fickle high school football players. To improve the mental health and limit the grief of diehard fans, I think UCLA should just drop football. Look at all the additional free time fans would have to do more productive activities than fretting about every possible UCLA recruit and dumping on Jon Gold for not getting to every recruiting story before any other media outlet.

  • Anonymous

    Joseph Gray from Dorsey high school is a qb Ucla shouls take a strong look at.

  • Reformed Droog

    FACT: This website looks suspiciously like one I’ve seen before.


    FACT: I drank a lot of coffee this morning.

  • INawe

    FACT: Reformed Droog needs to cut down on the coffee. ^_^

    i am curious though… who’s website do you think it seems similar to?

  • gilligan

    My guess is that Frazier will end up at Arkansas with Coach Petrino.
    I am not trying to be rude by this comment, but do UCLA fans really think they have a shot at Kessler? From the information that I am reading it looks like his choices are between USC and UW. As a USC fan I would like to see this guy wear the cardinal and gold but my guess is that he’ll end up at UW based on Sarkisian’s recent success with QBs.
    For the life of me, I really don’t know why UCLA is having a hard time recruiting top notch talent considering that they are a good academic education and as a USC fan I am not ashamed to write it but the UCLA campus is great. Is it the coaching or the football environment?

  • Reformed Droog

    Forcier’s website

  • Coach Thom

    “Build it and he will come.” When Rick has all the pieces in place and starts banging out victories, the players who are academically eligible will be clambering to climb aboard the Bruin bandwagon. “It is written.”

  • j_doe

    He probably looked at what happened the last time a big name QB from Arkansas came out to So. Cal and decided to pass.

  • bibs

    It is really disappointing to read Jon’s blog and then read comments from “experts” who don’t know anything,but try to be funny. The difficulty with recruiting at UCLA is that the administration won’t allow our academic standards to be lowered in order to improve our teams.Other schools lower their standards(U$C) in order to have successful teams,but not UCLA. I am proud of my alma mater for maintaining its integrity and still being very successful in all areas.

  • Anonymous

    Bibs: How do you explain Nottingham committing to Stanford even though Luck and Nunes are on the roster? I thought Nottingham was a huge UCLA lean.

  • Anonymous

    Watch the play that begins at 1:36 with a mishandled snap. You’re wondering how he’s going to make something out of nothing, probably by juking three guys out of their jocks and running over a fourth on the way to the end zone.

    Then he pulls up and throws — with a kid barreling into his chest — a 50-yard dart to the end zone.


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