Mojo ON: Respect

Have you followed USC’s major recruiting gains recently? Are you surprised by their success?
“Some of these kids…it’s no knock on them, they might like USC more than they like UCLA. But a lot of kids nowadays don’t want that challenge to be that guy who has to step up, to have to be the guy week in and week out. When you go to a school that’s already established, you just go out and play. It’s easy. You’re not going through anything tough. Everyone can play. When you go to UCLA, you’re rebuilding, and getting it together. That’s what I respect. Guys who go to schools like an Arizona State and bring them up, go to Baylor, get them up. Maybe TCU, and make them better. Those are the guys you can respect. I don’t like to knock kids, because they’re young and doing what’s best for them, but my big thing coming out of high school was turning somebody into a winner. I’d won so much in high school, I wanted to take what I learned there and bring it to a school that was on the verge of something great.”

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  • g20bruin

    MJD is an example of a TRUE BRUIN!! I hope some of the young players we’ve gotten recently will become like him!

  • spedjones

    Love Mojo, but man, I wish one of these snippets was titled “Mojo on BRUINS NEW 5* QB”…

  • diehardbruin

    MJD bleeds Bruin blue!!! I hope he wins a SuperBowl someday.


    MJD is a warrior, and was always a classy player, he never refused to sign autographs for the kids or pose for a picture.


    MJD is a warrior, and was always a classy player, he never refused to sign autographs for the kids or pose for a picture.

  • Anonymous

    Or was it the fact that MJD did not want to compete for playing time. Sounds like a cop-out answer to me. typical UCLA recruit. Rebuild, i call bs, he wnated a place where he could play immediately and that was lowly ucla and always will be.

  • Anonymous

    Say whatever you want about MJD…at least he didn’t take money while in college, inject steroids, or get a DUI like some high profile NFL players from sc

  • boelterbruin

    If USC trolls could spell “wanted” they’d be a lot more convincing.

  • Anonymous

    MJD did not want to compete for playing time? He’s better than any current usc running back in the NFL…including those that were paid in college,had drugs in his dorm room, drove their “girlfriend’s” fancy car then lied about it, or recently suspended. What’s there to be afraid of?

  • Roger Goodell

    While MJD was the #5 rated RB in 2009, let’s compare all the active active Bruin and Trogan RBs (NFL rating signified by #):

    UCLA RBs (Mo Jones-Drew #5 and Kal Bell #51)
    USC (Huggy Bear Jr #41., Reggie Kardashian #55, and Lenny White #75)
    Combined Averages:

    Rush Atts/G:
    Bruins = 13
    Trogs = 7
    Rush Yards:
    Bruins = 1,611
    Trogs = 1,103
    Rush Yds/G:
    Bruins = 59.2
    Trogs = 28.6
    Ave Rush Long Gain:
    Bruins = 76 (1 td)
    Trogs = 34 (0 td)
    Rush TDs:
    Bruins = 15 (7.5 per player)
    Trogs = 10 (3.1 per player)
    Recpt Made/G:
    Bruins = 54 (27 per player)
    Trogs = 67 (23 per player)
    Recpt Yards:
    Bruins = 379 (190 per player)
    Trogs = 462 (154 per player)
    Ave Recpt Yds/G:
    Bruins = 6
    Trogs = 6
    Ave Rush Long Gain:
    Bruins = 12 (1 td)
    Trogs = 16 (3 td)
    Bruins = 2/1
    Trogs = 6/3

    Just Sayin’

  • Roger Goddell, great post.

  • MJD says


  • Coach Thom

    Lendale White keeps the Trogan flag waving proudly.

  • Whiteless in Seattle

    Seattle Times
    Dateline: May 29, 2010

    Director of Player Personnel, Pete Carroll, when asked about releasing his former Trojan player, LenDale White, was quoted yesterday as saying:

    “Now that I don’t have the Southern Cal alumni goons breathing down my neck, I can get rid of that albatros, LenDale ‘Don’t like practice, but love crack’ White. Our fabulous new head coach Pete Carroll said that although he’s usually pumped and jacked, he realized this move was best for all invovled and that Lendale would be leaving the Seahawks, but loving the world more.”

  • Anonymous

    Well yes Maurice Drew is a good running back, but he was supported in HS by the Ting Family and I will bet he got his shots too. Plus I don’t see a super bowl ring on his finger, but you guys just keep on Losing with that FB program Doormat to come of the pac-10

  • Anonymous

    The entire usc team was supported by the Ting family. If you judge an NFL career by super bowl titles, you just dissed the careers of Anthony Munoz, Junior Seau, Tony Boselli, Carson Palmer just to name a few.

  • Anonymous

    What you really have to respect about Jones-Drew is how progressive and brave he is. I mean how many other NFL players hyphenate their husband’s last name with their own?

    Long live Daryl Henley!