Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) It seems like if Howland can sign the Wares and Remi Barry the 2010-11 season looks a lot better. What is your impression of these players? – gerry4ucla
Love the Wears’ game, and I think their personalities are a perfect fit for Howland. They would’ve been coups last year, and everyone seems to forget. I haven’t seen much of Barry, but I’ve also heard that his academics are an issue and could get in the way.

2) Also to add to my previous question, how does having only so little scholorships to give for football help with closing the gap? – Jerome
Because last year’s class was fantastic, as was the year before. Everyone has the same amount of scholarships and can use them as they see fit…unless they’ve been penalized.

3) FOOTBALL: Hey, Jon: So, UCLA has had excellent-to-great recruiting classes for the last three years. The Bruins have a very good coaching staff. Mike Linn has increased the size, strength, and speed of our players. Here’s the question … What’s the missing element? From some of the things you’ve said on your podcast and written on your blog, you seem to be predicting that UCLA will have a crummy season in 2010. What element does UCLA need that it doesn’t have to get enough wins for a good season? – UCLA ’64
It needs a better offensive line and the other teams in the conference to be worse. Simple as that. You forget, two years ago, this team was 4-8. Back-to-back seven win seasons and then a breakout 2011 is pretty good, no?

4) Hey Jon, This is my first time posting, but I love reading your work. What happens if BH does offer the wear twin, and everyone else stays on the team next year? He already has three offers out for the 2011 class? What happens if he doesn’t have those scholarships available? Also, why do you like the wear twins so much? Their numbers last year were horrible. Wouldn’t it just be better to go after next year’s talent? – Joe Bruin
Between the loss of Roll, Dragovic, Keefe and Abdul-Hamid and the defections of Gordon, Moser and Morgan, UCLA had seven scholarships to give out. Smith, Jones, Lamb, Carlino, Wear and Wear leaves them with one extra. Depending on the seasons of Lee and Honeycutt, who could bounce after next year, they’ll have some options next year, too.

5) Does Lindsay Soto still cover college football? – Superlaker24
I believe so.

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  • BruinFaithful

    ESPN is reporting that SUC are coming this Friday. Hang on to your seats boys.


  • Anonymous

    i see soto doing a lot of SC stuff now, including the spring football report on fspt. Isn’t she an SC alum?

  • UCLA ’64

    Hey Jon,
    I’m sorry for thinking you’d said that UCLA would have a lousy season. I heard you once on your podcast say 7 wins, but later I incorrectly remembered that you predicted 4. I actually agree with you that 7 wins is a reasonable prediction. Hopefully, we can get 8 wins with a bowl victory.

    Thanks for your hard work, Jon.