Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Wood Ranch in Moorpark has always been good to us. No ‘charm’ to speak of but it is barbeque after all. – MichaelRyerson
Not a huge fan of Wood Ranch, because I hate their sauce. BUT …someone here clued me in on Stonefire Grill in Thousand Oaks – and there are locations throughout the valley, I think – and it was one of the best barbecue meals of my life. Unbelievable. You have to try the tri-tip.

2) USC now has 4 commitments (Blackwell, Grimble, Wittek, and Woods) from guys that are all on ESPN and Rival’s watch lists as well as being 4-stars on scout with a couple having 5-star potential. UCLA offered all 4 of those guys, but they picked ‘SC. I feel like it’s a common trend of Neuheisel’s to start slow then finish strong- why doesn’t he jump on these guys earlier? – Jacob
Can’t win ’em all, man. Clearly he’s been doing something right in recruiting.

3) Jon, do you think BH looses any underclassmen to the draft next year? If so who? – BigDBruin
Have to see how Josh Smith works out, but I think Lee and Honeycutt could test the waters. Problem is, they’re both somewhat “tweeners” and that doesn’t bode well for pre-draft rankings.

4) Jon with the ucla football camp around the corner on june 6th, do you have a preliminary list of prospects who you know will be attending? Thanks for the hard work – bruinfan85
I’ll try to get the official list, but as of now, I’m sure it’s still being ironed out. I’ll be covering the Lakers-Celtics Game 2 that day, but I’ll be at both.

5) Who has made it farther with limited talent, Ryan Hollins or Kid Rock? – Anonymous
No one in the world has made it farther with limited talent than Kid Rock. An actual rock has more talent.

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  • RoseBowl Bound

    We are getting smoked in reruiting. It was nice to be mentioned with USC in NAtional recruiting over the last 2 years, but in reality with our dagneling pistol offense and attrition on defense, why would any of these recruits want to come here when Lane Kiffin is promising them BCS bowl bids. I think we will sneak up on abunch of peaple this year but we will never match up in personel to the school across towm.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Stonefire Grill, eh? We’ll try it next time we’re ‘home’. We’re presently quartering in Houston. Don’t ask. I think of it like Schweitzer in the wilderness.

  • Anonymous

    An actual rock has more talent, awesome. Everytime I hear his name mentioned I wonder why I am still hearing his name mentioned. Easily one of the more terrible acts of the last 20 years. On the other hand, nobody thought Hollins would be going on 5 years in the NBA, he only played cuz the other option was Michael Fey.

  • Mr. Combs

    Kid Rock’s real talent is getting arrested for assualt in Perkins Pancake Houses. And I hear he’s a lousey tipper!

    Now that’s something to aspire to.