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I’ve grown close to many of the Daily Bruin guys this year, and when one of them writes a story like this, I brim with pride. Matt Stevens absolutely crushed this story about Eric Calhoun, a blind UCLA and Southern California baseball fan. Please read this story and watch the video that follows. Amazing.

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Quotables: Ben Howland on the Wear transfers

Opening Statement: “I’m just so excited, so happy, just elated about both David and Travis Wear signing their scholarship letters to attend UCLA. No. 1 fantastic players who are just going to be better and better because of their work ethic and drive to be great. But they’re equally great kids, young men who represent the ideals of UCLA.”

What position do you project them at for the Bruins?
“They’re forwards, both very capable of stepping out to shoot out on the perimeter. David has even show the ability to match up sometimes with the three. They’ve been very well coached – we’re talking about four years in the Mater Dei program. They really know how to play, how to defend. They did a great job of teaching defense. They’re very versatile, we’ll be able to play them in a lot of ways.”

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EXCLUSIVE: David and Travis Wear on their transfer

Why the decision to come to UCLA now and not out of high school?
David: “I just feel like it’s a great school with a great coach. I was looking for a school that was benefit me as a player, and as a student athlete. It wasn’t so much (Howland’s) pitch – originally I wanted to experience going away from home, playing for North Carolina, seeing what that was like. But seeing how much my family, my friends, my people support me, I missed that a lot. I miss being able to come home and see everyone.”
Travis: “He basically summed it up right there – I was really intrigued with the idea of playing for North Carolina. I thought it was a great opportunity, but I did miss the support of our friends and our family out here. I did miss home.”

What was the transfer process like? Tough to leave North Carolina?
David: “It was a great experience, no hard feelings at all – I made a lot of good friends there, I have a lot of respect for everyone back there. It was more a personal decision and a family decision than anything.”
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