Michael Roll, on the passing of John Wooden

What did Coach Wooden mean to you?
“People kind of speak so highly of him just because he’s a better person than coach. We all know how great he was as a coach. Anyone who knows him just raves. Nothing but great things to say about him.”

Did you ever have a chance to meet Coach?
“I actually got the John Wooden award in high school, and that was my first time meeting him. Hearing him speak is something of greatness. He was so sharp at his age.”

What do you feel John Wooden meant to UCLA as an institution?
“He made it as great a legacy is. Everyone who’s come after that has just tried to keep it going.”

Do you think that every UCLA player or coach kind of feels the same today?
“I would say everybody who’s been able to play for UCLA will definitely the pain. But it’s a country-wide event. It’s a story just because of how good he was as a man.”

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