Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) What are UCLA’s chances as far as landing Memphis transfer Roburt Sallie? – Jon
They’ve been named in talks, but I wouldn’t put it anywhere past a minor possibility.

2) Is there any chance a legal team from USC is causing a delay in the announcement of NCAA sanctions for whatever reason? – Crickets
Yes, there’s a very good chance. They’ve delayed it as long as they could. It’s coming, though.

3) UCLA coaches explained the use of the revolver as a means to improve our running game. Can you explain how this would work? How does this relieve the OL to block better then they did in 2009? If we have to rely on Prince to get the running game going, what are the chances he gets injured and we are back at square one mid-season? – diehardbruin
The Revolver simply allows for more decision-making at the line of scrimmage. If Prince sees an opening, he gets to take it. If he sees an opening for a running back, he clues him in. The set-up just makes for more improvisation. It has little to do with the line blocking better, but rather, it’s just a more unique set-up that catches defenses off balance.

4) Assuming Lee & Honeycutt leave. Could you give me your projected 2 deep @ PG, SG & SF for the 2011-2012 season. Should we be worried about this? – UCLAVES
Anderson (Jones), Carlino (blank), Lamb (blank). Worried, no. They’ll pick a couple more up next year. But I still don’t think Lee and H-Cutt go anywhere.

5) Do you know where Milton is transferring to? and if not can you let us know when you find out. – Anonymous
Talked to him earlier this week, and he hasn’t decided. When I know, you know.

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