Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) If the NBA rosters were reset according to colleges attended, ie: a team of all UCLA players, all Arizona players, all UNC etc.. Only using active players, who do you think would win in a tournament? Who would our starting five be? Discuss amongst yourselves readers. – Ben G
Davis, Westbrook, Ariza, Love, Hollins, with Collison as the sixth man and future starter and Jrue Holliday eventually becoming sixth man.

2) How do the Wear twins compare to the Lopez twins of Stanford a few years ago compare? Do you think they will turn into similar type players? – Bruin ’05
That’s a pretty optimistic outlook. If they’re anywhere near the Lopezes, that’s a huge, huge coup for Howland.

3) Being a fellow Broncos and Bruins fan, which team do you think will be better this next year? – Jacob
Not a Bruins fan, but let’s just say I’m not too optimistic on the Broncos right now. UCLA should go 7-6. Don’t think the Broncos go 9-7.

4) Will the 2010/11 BB team lean more to a running game or a set piece offense. What personnel are the key in either style? – old bruin
Howland is not a running coach, so I think they stick with his offense. Expect a little more run-and-gun, though. Honeycutt is the key to both styles. If he can become a scorer, they’re better. If he can’t they’re only a few games over .500.

5) Why does everyone assume the ESPN deals with the SEC and ACC are bellweathers for a better Pac-10 TV contract? It occurs to me that ESPN has mostly shunned the Pac-10, and is more interested in the east coast markets (and time zone). – Pyperkub
True on all accounts.

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  • ihydbruin

    Psh. All our pro team would need is Dan Gadzuric. That guy is a monster.