It’s official: Colorado joins Pac-10

How does the Pac-11 sound?

The University of Colorado at Boulder has accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10, the conference’s first expansion since the Arizona schools in 1978.

“This is an historic moment for the Conference, as the Pac-10 is poised for tremendous growth,” conference commissioner Larry Scott said. “The University of Colorado is a great fit for the Conference both academically and athletically and we are incredibly excited to welcome Colorado to the Pac-10.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg, it seems, but the fit is at least a bit logical. Rumors about Colorado joining the Pac-10 have been swirling for quite some time.

“The University of Colorado is a perfect match – academically and athletically – with the Pac-10,” said University of Colorado President Bruce D. Benson. “Our achievements and aspirations match those of the universities in the conference and we look forward to a productive relationship.”

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  • diehardbruin

    Larry Scott is one smart dude and one heck of a businessman/strategist. While Texas’ idiot politicians are trying to force Baylor (Waco, TX) to be packaged with the other schools in Texas, Scott forces their hand with Colorado’s invitation and timely announcement. This guy is singlehandedly shaking up the college football landscape. Maybe we don’t end up getting Texas and Oklahoma, at least we went for it.

  • ucla2k3

    I’m excited at the prospect of a 16-team conference. But I’m even more excited at the prospect of being tied to competitive bowl games. For years, we were stuck with these pitily 750k bowls. Now, we should be able to negotiate deals with the multi-million dollar bowls.

    Starting this season, the Pac 10 runner up is gonna get to play in the Alamo Bowl and the third place team will head down to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. That’s a good start in the right direction.

  • Ri-L

    Well, it won’t stay 11 long, and it certainly isn’t Pacific (as if adding the AZ schools didn’t already do this). If we add five more – Texas, A&M, Tech, Oklahoma, OK St – then what? Do we end up with the Pac-16 North and South? The former Big 12 Schools plus UCLA and USC? Where does that leave the AZ schools? Does it make sense to have the Midwest and AZ Schools (all the newest members) in the Pac-16 East, and leave the Pac-16 West as the old Pac-8 members?

    This is usually the time of year when college football is quiet… but today looks to be one of the most active of the year! SC, Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, etc… this is great!

  • UCLASteve

    “The University of Colorado is a perfect match – academically and athletically – with the Pac-10″… Really?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Even more telling from the Pac’s invite of CU is the implicit rejection of Baylor which I think was the right move. In other words, eff you Texas Legislature for trying to force Baylor upon the Pac.

    If the Big 12 South sans Waco does not come to the Pac, I’m sure Utah has a contingency Pac invite which would then make for 12 teams and the Pac would call it a day. However, all indications are 5 of the 6 Big 12 South schools will head to the Pac upon Nebraska’s acceptance of the Big 10 offer. If the Pac loads up on 16 teams, watch for the Big 10 to furiously chase ND, Pitt, Cinci, and West VA to get to 16 teams themselves. The SEC would likely counter with invites to VA Tech, Clemson, Florida State, and Miami. Most of the remaining teams in the Big East and ACC may consolidate at that point to form their own 16 team conference. The MWC would add Boise, Fresno, Nevada, both Kansas schools, Baylor, and a school to be named later. Now you’d have 5 super 16 team conferences with some teams dawdling outside as independents.

    I’m not sure I agree with certain opinions about the impending demise of the BCS if the conference realignment occurs. If you add one more bowl to the BCS mix (likely the Cotton Bowl played in Jerry Jones’ palace that is Cowboys Stadium), you’d get to 5 BCS bowls to be split among 10 teams from the 5 major super 16 team BCS conferences…2 teams from each conference with enough guaranteed $ to make everyone happy. Add a “plus one” BCS title game the following week at one of the BCS bowl sites on a rotating basis which would pair the winners of the 2 bowl games featuring teams in the top 4. The best regular season in sports still remains intact for the traditionalists while a small-scale de facto 4 team playoff is put in place for the playoff proponents…neither side would be completely happy but that’s why it’s called a compromise. In my opinion, rare is the year that more than 4 teams are truly deserving to play for the national title.

    Of course this is all fun speculation on my part as are most articles and opinion pieces out there…but not far-fetched.

    We are about ready to watch the sun explode in the college sports world…and I actually find this more fascinating than the World Cup or the NBA Finals right now.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Okay, first a disclaimer: I yearn for the PAC-8. Sorry but that’s what old farts do, they yearn for the imagined days of their youth. I’ve never really, really accepted the Arizona schools, I always kinda think of them as B-listers (even when Lute was handing us our head in BB). That said, if this all shakes out to include Texas, Oklahoma, et al, then all the better. The east coast bias, driven mainly by east coast sportwriters going to beddy-bye before west coast scores are in and therefore writing their articles accordingly, will be muted, maybe eliminated altogether, the farther east we reach. They won’t go to bed with a Texas score still being settled at the Rose Bowl or an Oklahoma score in doubt in Palo Alto. West coast recruiters will now have a chance at kids who have been led to think there is no football or basketball beyond the Rockies. West coast televised games will suddenly infiltrate living rooms and sports bars in Midland-Odessa, Tulsa and Abilene. I don’t give a flip if they say greed is driving the PAC-10. Line em, let’s play ball.

  • Boston Bruin

    @UCLASteve —

    Don’t go down that road about CU not being up to Pac-10 academic standards. Oregon St. is a 3rd Tier National U. and the Arizonas and Wash St. are not much better —not in the top 100.

    And if the Pac-10 goes the Full Monty with five more Big-12’s — two of them being considered are 3rd Tier’s (Tex Tech and OK St.) and U of OK is rated #102.

    It would be great if the conference could have more “Public Ivy” schools like UCLA, UC-Berk, or even U-Dub, but that ain’t in the cards.

    21st century college football is about $$$ from TV and Bowls. That revenue is needed more and more to help pay for other sports.

    The cold reality is that college money sports are minor leagues for the pros and profit centers. The 20th century concept of D-1 colleges concerned with the ‘scholar’ side of scholar-atheletes now exists more so in D-1A (or whatever the NCAA calls them now).

  • tim warren

    sandiegobruinfan deserves his own radio show!

  • Boston Bruin

    @tim warren

    I concur — sandiegobruinfan did a great analysis!

    @ MichaelRyerson

    I grew up in the east and would see the occasional Pac-8 game on TV. And you are dead-on. There was and is such a East Coast ignorance about western teams. Except for any team rated in the top-5 west of the Rockies, there’s little, if any, discussion.

    When I lived in LA for grad school at UCLA and stayed on for many more years, I loevd the televised sports milieu — football when you roll out of bed in the morning on weekends! (I start watching the some UCLA football games at 10:30pm in Boston!!!)

    While that won’t change, the bias towards the Pacific will lessen and hiopefully the east coast chumps will become more engaged with the entire conference and not just the a particular year’s heavyweight.

    Finally, I agree on the opening for more Texas and OK footballers willing to go to L.A. to play, which in turn will eventually allow a greater movement into the lower Mississippi R Valley (and perhaps beyond).

    Imagine how the whole structure of college sports could be rearranged by this time next week!

  • Fan4Life

    Eventually, we’re going to end up with one conference called the Pac Atlantic where the two best teams play for a national title…

  • H8T SuC

    Boston is right $$$$ talks…its gonna be everyone for themselves now…Makes you wonder if UCLA will land that QB From Colorada …