• Mike H class of 90

    Answer: None of the above.

    The wrong people were punished…it should be Bush, Mayo, Jarrett, Carroll, etc. who were punished, not the current players/coaches. When will there be changes to the contracts that coaches sign and that athletes sign when they commit that actually force them to have some accountability? I think the NCAA needs to adopt something along those lines…at this point there still is no reason why some 5 star recruit (or his family/friends) wouldn’t accept special treatment or gifts – they will be long gone before any punishment comes out that could affect them.

  • UCLA ’64

    I didn’t vote because of the UCLA part of the survey.

    Maybe, 8-9 would be appropriate, but I wouldn’t necessarily pick UCLA as the team to fill the void. Oregon and Washington are just as likely candidates.

    The last one about “UCLA wins on the field” has nothing to do with the usc sanctions. Regardless of what the NCAA did about usc, UCLA still has to win on the field.

    I wouldn’t have picked any of the others except possibly 2-3, except I wouldn’t give them the death penalty. A 3-year bowl ban sounds right.

    What they got sounds about right to me. I’d say 8-9 on a scale of 10 without the UCLA part of it.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    OK, let’s get some things straight —
    Let’s say that you are the General Manager of Figueroa Widget Company. And one of your employee cheats on the production line and cuts corners. As a result, your company produces widgets for less than your competitors — and unfair advantage. And let’s say that the widgets performed as good or better than they would have even if all the rules had been followed. Now, let’s also say that the General Manager knew or should have known that the rules were being skirted. And let’s say that the GM failed to institute appropriate controls so that this would not have happened. And let’s say this occurred over and over and over again. I think that Westwood Widget Company and Seattle Widget Company and Eugene Widget Company, etc. would have a legitimate beef that Figueroa Widget Company had an unfair competitive advantage. So, in comes the FTC, OSHA or other appropriate agency and fines/penalizes FWC for its misdeeds. Sure, the GM left for the Pacific Northwest. And, the employee left for bigger $$$ at NewAhhhhhleeens Widget Company, but FWC must still pay the price for its transgressions. Sure, it hurts the current employees, but that’s life. If my company makes a bad business decision, and gets caught, we all pay the price. So, sing me another sob song!

  • spedjones

    actually, most of the right people are being punished. The kids who committed knowing that SC was in the middle of a huge investigation rolled the dice and lost. Uko, Baxter etc. had every opportunity to go elsewhere and now they’re being punished for their own stupidity. True Reggie and OJ etc. are off without punishment, but the NCAA works within its limited scope of authority and that’s all. Overall, this will hopefully keep SC from running such a loose ship in the future.

  • I’m not greedy…. it doesn’t get much better than this! Justice!

    Don’t forget how inside Kiffen was in Reggie’s day… sure, it’d be nice to punish guys, even if they are no longer associated with the NCAA, but that is a logistical nightmare and probably illegal. Bottom line: I’ll take it, thank you very much.

  • KO

    Thank goodness for the FTC and those rules. We wouldn’t want better products for a lower price. Maybe the NCAA should make everyone run the same offense and put a limit of 10 plays in the playbook. Innovation must be stopped.

  • Todd

    Thanks for passing along the absurd notion that one can’t have an opinion on the justice of the USC punishment without somehow relating it to UCLA’s performance.

    It’s like some idiot making a poll after the Simpson verdict asking whether it was right and the final option is “IT MEANS NOTHING UNTIL WE SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OUR COUNTRY HAS WITH RACE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. (hint: this is the correct answer).” Complete idiocy.

  • Sam Gilbert

    What would John Wooden say about the hate you Bruins are spreading?

  • Revol_Bruin

    Sam Gilbert:

    Are you kidding me? Have you ever read the venom and hate that sc fans post on Inside UCLA (not to even mention Inside USC) all the time? UCLA has much classier fans than sc. sc fans are arrogant and delusional and not that bright, to boot.

  • papa

    Revol, that really does not answer the question. What would Coach say about the Bruins negative posting both here and on Scott Wolf’s blog? Shouldn’t they show that so-called class?

  • Anonymous

    Read the Plaschke article — really nails SolCal and its attitude.


    One aspect that’s not talked about — Plascke makes the point that the real losers are the current football players.

    ~ Reggie Kardashian is getting paid well to be a has-been.

    OJ Mayo has a guranteed payday for years to come

    Carroll left for his $33m

    Garrett brought on Carroll-lite in Lame K. and his push the envelope crew for big bucks (win or lose).

    So the ones really holding the bag of slop are the players with only two years of eligibility, playing for no reason, their seasons ending with the UCLA games.
    While the younger players and the commited incoming players will live in the shadow of this disgrace for their entire careers.

    But where the NCAA really fell down in its punishment meted out — why not let the current players choose to leave the program without retribution…go to other schools and not have to wait a year to continue in a disgraced program.

    That would demonstrate that the innocent are not punished along with the guilty.

  • cschow

    Mike, I agree that the guys who committed the crime should do the time. And I also think none of the current kids should (or coaches) should be bound to a school that gets penalized. They should all be allowed to transfer without penality. However, the university where the violations are committed are the ones who have the overall responsibility. They pay for the team, the coaches, the oversight, etc.,. So the university, regardless of where on the ladder the violations occured, is the one who must be responsible and accountable.

  • Lame Kitten

    Spoke to Ogre and here’s how we’ll handle the situation.

    We’ll red shirt all of next year’s sophmores not already red-shirted and then all 2010 incoming freshman and all 2011 incoming freshman.

    In that way we’ll have all those 4- and 5-star players ready to roll when we are no longer on suspension.

    Poppa Monte thinks that’s a plan!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    For those concerned about the innocent players getting punished, the NCAA did clarify today that current SC juniors and seniors can transfer without penalty or the usual 1 year sit out.


    If you don’t want to read through the entire 67 page NCAA report, then just read pages 46-51…that will give you a good idea why SC got hammered so hard…not necessarily because of the Bush and Mayo transgressions by themselves in a vacuum…but rather what SC didn’t do upon knowledge of the transgressions.


  • awash

    It is so amazing how arrogant $UC continues to be vs. acknowledging that their program was out of control and they need to make changes!! The only one that seems to get it, is O’neill (BB coach) who had nothing to do with all of this. See the official university statements, Kiffen and Carroll!! Bush stating that he will fully cooperate with the NCAA. Gee Reggie we are not stupid, read the report about how you and your family refused to provide any records that would refute the accusations against you. It would be pretty simple to provide bank records that shows that no large cash deposits were made into your bank account. But obviously it’s true, if you refuse to provide them.

    If u recruit athletes that have marginal character and only care about getting to the NBA/NFL as quickly as possible. (how many 5 star recruits do u hear saying they chose $UC because they will get a great education). Guess what $UC when u recruit athletes with marginal grades, there is a corelation with marginal character. Therefore u also take a greater risk in running afoul of NCAA rules. Oh yeah I forgot, SUC doesn’t care if you have high morals and character. I guess they finally figured it out when they told R. Sidney to go away!

    I can’t believe the argument that they say they can’t control all of the unscrupulous agents, when Carroll had open practices and let virtually anybody come by to hang out. Of course you’re going to have a bunch of wanna bee agents (leaches) around your program, and they knew it.

    As far as BB, how does the #1 highschooler (Mayo) all of a sudden choose a non-existent BB program. Because he knew he would start his freshmen year and then be gone. So of course he didn’t care about his eligibility. Has anybody ever checked on DeRozan another top 10 highschooler that signed because they burned a schoolie on Lil Romeo his buddy. Isn’t it ironic that O’neill suddenly showed Lil Romeo the door now that DeRozan is gone. And what about Polee’s dad, committed as an 8th grader and then got a job at $UC and now suddenly when his son goes elsewhere, he is shown the door.

    These are also forms of enticements/favors that SUC does to push the envelope. I’m sure there are many other examples!!

    Ha!! they finally got what they deserved!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to begin by saying I am a bruin fan. That being said, why is no one talking about norm chow. He was at SUC during all of this. I think he knew about this and for sure pete knew about this. I know that the UCLA program is a clean one because CRN wouldn’t put the team at risk with everyone knowing about his past. I just hope that Chow’s involvement with this doesn’t hurt us in the end.

  • kelphus

    These penalties are pretty dumb. Penalizing current students for the idiocy/greed of the previous.

    Why not just slam offending schools with a huge fine? Say, 10 million or more.. That’ll get the school’s attention, and hitting them in the wallet will cost a bad A.D. his job… which to my amazement isn’t apparently happening to Garrett (Heisman=invincibility?)