Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) What you think about my prediction about the Broncos drafting Tebow? And if you want more info call 555- I know my sh!t;) – KevlabryUnless they can really get his mechanics down, I’m horrified. Met him at the NFL Rookie Premier Photo Shoot, though, and he’s a great dude.

2) And what Sex and the City character are you? Sorry wrong place. Really what the hell is going on with UCLA QB recruiting; overall it’s good but getting a competent QB is looking difficult?
I’m definitely Samantha; sassy but with a sweet side, a real minx. Wait, what? Umm, nevermind. UCLA thought it had a real shot at Kiehl Frazier, and he simply picked another school. It happens. I know they weren’t 100 percent behind Kessler – there’s a reason it took so long for them to offer – and Wittek just burned them. I really like the Berglund kid a lot, if he ends up at UCLA.

3) Are the any offers for 2011 point guard? Does Howland not like what is available? – Anonymous
It’s obviously still pretty early, and I know they’re interested in Quinn Cook and Jahii Carson. If Spencer Dinwiddie proves he can handle the pressure, perhaps they’d go for him.

4) I (apparently mistakenly) thought the NCAA/MLB rule was that, if a player didn’t sign when drafted out of HS, and chose to play college ball, that he couldn’t be drafted until after his junior year. Yet, I see 4 Bruin sophs got drafted. Were all of them redshirts, and therefore somehow eligible to be drafted? What exactly is the rule? – Sleepy LaBeeg
Yes. It’s three years out of high school, not “junior” year.

5) Any knowledge of USC commits that might waver now that the 2 year post-season ban is in place? – Reformed Droog
Not yet, still a little early. I would be shocked if they all stayed.

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  • Anonymous

    Samantha…you mean a 50 year old slut

  • Bruintx

    Sure wish the baseball rule would get applied to BB. That would solve a lot of the current headaches (for all schools, not just UCLA). This “one-and-done” rule serves no useful purpose whatsoever for schools, players or the NBA.

  • Brandin Cookis

    I just commited to UCLA