UCLA baseball quotes

John Savage
Opening Statement:
“First I’d like to congratulate Cal State Fullerton for once again getting into a super regional, having a tremendous team. Coach Serrano and his staff have been to Omaha with two different programs. He’s certainly as good as there is out there. Certainly the toughest super regional in the country, and we feel very fortunate to come out on top.

On Rob Rasmussen:
“You just can’t say enough about how Rob pitched. They got a little bit to him in the first inning, they got the run, but we made that a quiet inning. Then he just had complete control the rest of the evening. We played tremendous defense this weekend as we had to. Our guys did not get ahead of ourselves.”

On when he realized Rasmussen was having a special night:
“Really after he got out of the first inning, he really settled down. First of all, he’s been great all year. He went 11-2, he went in the second round. He’s a special guy. He wanted the ball, his pitch count was down. I think he averaged 12 pitches per inning going into the ninth. I would say third, fourth inning, I knew it was going to be a special inning.”

On if he believed Coach Wooden played a part in the win:
“Yes, I do. Softball program, national championship. Baseball program going to Omaha. No question about it. Our guys have talked about Coach all season, really. Certainly toward the end, it started picking up. He’s certainly with us. We’re very honored to be at the school where he coached.”

Rob Rasmussen on his college career progressing to this point:
“I came from a very small school, very academic, and I broke my first my foot game against UCSB. It’s been a growing process. I can’t put into words how much (Coach Savage) meant. This year I really turned a corner from the first two years, gained a lot of confidence.”

Rasmussen on his changeup:
“I didn’t have a changeup coming out of high school. That’s a pitch Coach Savage really stresses. It’s a big pitch for me right now. I don’t throw it that often, but it keeps guys honest.”

Rasmussen on his altercation with Fullerton coach Sergio Brown, who came out to yell out him midway through the game:
“I didn’t think I did anything. I can’t tell you why they did it. I can’t explain it. I struck a guy out and then I started to hear it. It’s something you tune out and keep focusing on your game.”

On ending up in Omaha:
“I’d be kidding everyone if I told anyone (when he chose UCLA) in three years I’d be sitting where I am. Of course I would’ve taken it. Every person when they sign up, their goal is to go to Omaha. Every time you commit, you want to go to Omaha. To finally do that, in Rosenblatt’s year, is something special.”

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