Utah officially joins Pac-10

Utah has accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10, and will become the league’s 12th member, joining recent newcomer Colorado.

This is a great move for the Pac-10, opening up the Denver and Salt Lake City markets, and an adequate fallback once the Pac-16 realities faded.

Utah will become the conference’s third or fourth best football team, and is certainly no slouch in basketball, while the Buffaloes need to improve in both.

Realignment is the new big question, and will need to be addressed quickly. Some are calling for a “zipper” split, essentially breaking up the natural geographic pairings, and some are clamoring for a “north” and a “south,” essentially with Washington, WSU, Oregon, OSU, Cal and Stanford in the north, and with UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah in the south.

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  • Tustin Dave

    Well to both Utah and Colorado. Two fine schools from two really fun areas to visit.

  • Anonymous

    Keep the California schools together with the Arizona schools. Send Utah and Colorado to the North division. I assume, much like the ACC, schools will play each team in their division once and either rotate 3 games against the other division or have a permanent rival in that division and play 2 other teams on a rotating basis. The California schools should always play one another.

  • JC

    The best scenario would be by rivalry divisions:

    1. UCLA, Oregon, Arizona, Stanford, Wash st and Colorado

    2. USC, Oregon ST, Arizona ST, CAL, WA and Utah

    I like this scenario better than North and South divisions

  • Mr Atlas
  • kiriba08

    I hope two divisions are as follows:




    sun devils

    This will preserve all of the existing PAC-10 rivalries and also seems efficient from a team travel standpoint.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I like anonymous 1:07’s suggestion. but whatever, don’t let USC run away and hide from us.

  • Pistalion

    The northwest schools would never allow the all California schools + the arizona schools. They seem to think that California (specifically LA) is their birthright for recruiting. Screw them, I’m all for anything that hurts outsider’s ability to recruit UCLA’s backyard – which is UCLA birthright :). Hopefully it won’t matter, cause if CRN handles his business and locks down all the good socal recruits we need, it won’t matter what the outsiders do, we’ll get ours.

  • Anonymous

    The California schools should definitely all play each other every year. Those rivalries have lasted too long to be replaced. If we lose Cal and Stanford every year and gain Utah and Colorado, that is a net loss for Bruin and Trojan fans. I don’t mind losing any of the NW schools every year or so, but losing Cal and Stanford would be a travesty.

  • j_doe

    Word is that the natural rivals will stay in the same divisions, and that it will be split North and South. However, Colorado will be paired with Utah and they will be in the south with USC, UCLA, Arizona, and AZ St. This was a condition of joining the league; access to the LA recruiting base. Oregon and Washington schools lose out.

  • The Big Woof!

    Stanford and Cal are both historical natural rivals for both UCLA and usc (remember we and the Bears are part of the same University!) They should NOT be in a separate division. The Arizona schools are the next closest and most natural pair for the division. Both Salt Lake City and Denver are farther north than the Bay Area. Ergo, they should go to the north with the Washington and Oregon schools. If “being part of our division” was contained in the offer, that should be rescinded immediately – we are offering them a great opportunity and we should be dictating all terms. If they don’t like it, they can go somewhere else. The 12 Pac would be nice, but the PAC 10 is perfectly fine as is.

  • I like the zipper as a conference idea… I am just mainly excited about seeing my Bruins every year in my (new) home of SLC… Go Bruins (and to a lesser extent, Utes).