Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Assuming conference expansion and new TV deals generate more revenue for UCLA, is UCLA considering fielding teams in more sports? – Guest
I doubt any non-funded sports would be fielded. With the popularity of lacrosse and rugby booming across the southland, though, that might change in the next decade.

2) How ’bout them Bruins on the diamond this year? – Peter
Not too much of a surprise to me; John Savage is a hell of a coach. This year is only the beginning, though. He’s a great recruiter, and he’ll bring in even bigger bats after this. The key will be to go after the guys who will sign – Jason Heyward: The one that got away – and still keep the veterans who weren’t quite happy enough with their draft status.

3) Can you find out NOW who the network is that is going to give Beebee and the Big 12 all this money that is being talked about and how that will effect the PAC and Big 10 as far what they will be asking for? It’s shocking how little the PAC 10 receives in TV monies. – Tony
The rumor is that ESPN dropped the hammer after Fox Sports was the likely destination for the Pac-10(12…16) network. Does not seem very far-fetched to me.

4) A noted OL commits to USC last weekend. Some high profile football seniors-to-be reaffirm their commitments to USC after the NCAA probation is announced. I thought everyone said there would be a mass exodus of football commits once the hammer came down. So Jon, what gives? – Just asking
Much to UCLA fans’ chagrin, it’s not like USC is all of a sudden no-mans-land. It’s not Isla de la Muerta. They will come back. Some kids genuinely want to go to USC, as some kids genuinely want to go to UCLA, as some kids genuinely want to go to Oregon and Texas and Florida and Michigan. And once you’re there, with friends and family in some cases, it’s not that easy to pick up and leave. The trickle-down effect was not going to happen immediately, guys. It will take time. UCLA needs to WIN. THAT’S IT. WIN, and there will be an exodus, and recruits will stay away from USC. Simple as that.

5) Was Jerry Neuheisel offered a scholarship that would count against next year’s class or as a preferred walk-on? If the former, why? Not that the Neuheisels need it, but does the university knock off part of the tuition for kids of faculty/employees? – Kolbate10eggs
As far as I know, he has a scholarship offer, but would greyshirt and enroll with the class of 2012.

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  • jayc

    Do we really need lacrosse? For those with long memories, back in the ’70s with Dennis Storer as coach, the UCLA rugby team was elite, winning “national championships” in ’68, ’72, & 75. Storer was the first US National team (Eagles) coach, and several Bruins were among his first players. But, alas, even then rugby wasn’t a varsity sport. Don’t expect it to be now. It is one of two or three “varsity club sports” at UCLA along with men’s rowing (a formerly funded sport), and they’ll happily accept your donations at their web site, http://www.bruinrugby.com (select the Donate Online menu item). Toss them $10 or so, and, while you’re at it, give another $10 to men’s rowing at http://www.uclamensrowing.org (click on the Give Now link in the upper right hand corner).

    You’ll feel better immediately by helping young athletes develop into great young men and leaders.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Heyward…man i would’ve loved to have seen him in a Bruins uni!!!

  • AJTovar


    Thanks for the the he

  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    I don’t think offering Jerry N. a scholarship was an astute decision on CRN’s part.

    1) Poppa has the cash to pay for the boy.

    2) Nothing much good comes from nepotism.

    I think it would speak volumes that until the kid earns the place, he should be a “paying customer” like some of the other young eager Bruins.

  • spedjones

    also for those with memories, UCLA also had one of the best swim programs in the county. 16 Olympians. And, the current women’s program continues to suffer with the lack of a men’s counterpart: http://collegeswimming.com/news/2004/jul/27/ten-years-later-ucla-still-lacks-mens-team/

  • RodneyGuillory

    Title IX had great intentions but created some bad outcomes in many circumstances…especially at a conservative “political” climate like UCLA.

  • William S.


    Me think thou ist either a sexist or simply a bumpkin unable to explain a point. It brings to mind a line from MacBeth:

    You sir offer: a point of view, told incoherently, full of generalizations and misperspective, signifying nothing.