Milton Knox, on transferring to Fresno State

On having the opportunity at Fresno State, after Ryan Mathews was drafted in the first round:
“That says it all right there. They are known for running the ball. I haven’t been able to have opportunities like that at UCLA; why not go to a place that has led the nation in rushing? This is a perfect fit for me. They run basically everything – I formation, out of the spread – and they feature their backs a lot.”

On his decision to transfer:
“I really didn’t talk to coach Neuheisel or the coaches. I had a feeling, a gut feeling, that if I stayed there, I wasn’t going to get the opportunity. That’s what it is – I didn’t really go up and ask them what was the deal. I kind of looked at the situation and looked ahead at everything.”

On why he’s excited to play for Fresno State:
“Fresno State has a huge chip on their shoulder, and I have a huge chip on my shoulder. Some people don’t believe in me. Fresno State has been able to beat BCS schools – it’s disrespectful they weren’t picked for the Pac-10 when they beat schools on the West Coast. They are respected, but also they’re disrespected. I feel the same, me against the world. It’s the best fit.”

On his top choices:
“I really wanted to go to Utah, but they just didn’t have any scholarships open. I would love to play against a lot of my friends in the Pac-10. But Fresno State is great. I talked to my friends, and it’s a win-win situation, no matter what.”

On staying close to home because of the poor health of some immediate family members:
“That really wasn’t part of the deal, staying close because of that. It’s nice to have, but I’m going to have to leave home. I didn’t want to go somewhere in the Northwest or Indiana, too far. It’s nice to have. I can always go home, see my friends and family.”