2010 UCLA football recruit…cards?

This is absolutely crazy, but I just found out that Razor Entertainment released a set of U.S. Army All-American Bowl cards, complete with autographs and rookie cards of several UCLA prospects.

Among those included: Owa Odighizuwa, Anthony Barr and Cassius Marsh.

Pretty early for rookie cards, if you ask me, but very cool nonetheless.

Here’s a scan of the Anhony Barr Rookie Auto, which could be worth a few bucks in a few years…

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  • Dallas Bruin

    … and yet the student athletes remain unpaid, unreal(although the degree is free). Jon- how about a story on the Ed O’Bannon case and what that might do to change the landscape of college athletics>? Other outlets have followed it, but coverage is so spotty, especially for something that has the power to be so groundbreaking.

  • cedar_23

    next we will have cards for junior high all-stars

  • spedjones

    yeah, this really is too much. This isn’t even NCAA related – what kind of agreement to these kids have to sign to play in the AA game?

  • JerzeyBruin

    It would be a real tragedy of somehow these kids got paid a few bucks for the cards and made them ineligible to play in the NCAA. They really need to nip this in the bud.


    I have to imagine this is a sponsor driven thing. This is nothing more than a way to get their logo on little pieces of paper and spread out all over the place for more “touch points” with customers. The cost to run that game, along with all the travel expenses for the players has to be enormous.

    Relax everyone!

  • Javy

    Where can I see the entire collection?

    And where can I get a pic of the Playboy 2010 All America team?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Student atheletes remain unpaid beacuse they are STUDENT atheletes. They are amateurs, not professionals. They receive a full ride scholarship to a University. A free education. Most will not make it in the pros. I’m pretty tired of the argument that STUDENT atheletes should be paid. A free University education is not enough? Being able to showcase your talent for the pro scouts in not enough? If not, then I suggest they turn down that lowly scholarship, pay for their education themselves, and then try out for the pros as an unrestricted free agent. Most Universities take the revenue from FB and BB and pour it into non-revenue generating sports. So, here’s an idea: drop all non-revenue generating sports and pay the FB and BB players. Let them get agents and negotiate not only their education, but pay, perks and hookers. In fact, they could negotiate NOT to attend any classes, but instead to concentrate on their game. GET REAL FOLKS!

  • gilligan

    @UB: I understand your concern but I think the reason many fans cite that players should be paid is because the NCAA or other entity (e.g. this card company) make a large amount of money from these student athletes. Each scholarship is not equal considering that a private school college is worth more than a public university based on the cost of tuition (note I am not saying one institution is better than another b/c I am only focusing on costs).
    I would prefer that the NCAA prohibit this type of behavior and instead focus on actually giving more money to each university so they could improve their academics and provide more academic support for its atheletes and its student body. I find it worrisome when the SEC makes the most amount of money as a conference but at the same time their academic institutions are below par compare to the other BCS conferences.


    Well put UB!

    If you think these kids are getting screwed over go check out the life of a minor league athlete. The reason their is so much money in College Athletics, the reason soooo many people watch them is precisely because the athletes are not paid! You can talk about how they are almost paid already, but there still is a certain purity to college athletics. Start paying players and the NCAA will just turn into another minor league. No one will care.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Bubble gum, too?

  • Mike H class of 90

    So about 100 athletes (football) generate what – 10 million, 20 million in net revenue for the school?

    40,000 students pay about 20 grand each for an education, generating about 800 million for the university…sound about right?

    Sorry, I’m not feeling sorry for the athletes any time soon.

  • Anonymous


  • spedjones

    I’m not sure i get your math, Mike. How does 100 kids generating $200,000 each for the school (using your numbers) equate to the rest of the school paying $20k in tuition? When the NCAA allows a company to put your face in a video game that makes tons of coin that you see none of, let’s talk.