Huffman tells me Mustoe commits

I’m on the phone right now with Brandon Huffman, and he just told me that Marc Mustoe, the No. 73 OT in the country, committed to UCLA today.

Here’s his profile: Mustoe

With the lack of quality big men out west this year, this is an important project commit, and if he can put on some more upper body strength, he’ll be a contributor at some point. Much like Torian White, this isn’t a starter for next year, but could be someone to look out for.

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  • Anonymous

    Marc Mustoe is not the #1 OT in Colorado. Thats Brendon Austin who committed to Staford. Mustoe is a project OL like White.

    Still would like to get Kerybyson, Flavin, or maybe Johnstone. I think Asiata will be a guard and a beast guard.

  • Boston Bruin

    “…if he can put on some more upper body strength, he’ll be a contributor at some point.”

    ‘Splain to me the importance of the alleged commit!

    We’re supposed to get excited about a…ahhh…ahhh let’s see, opposite of a reclamation project since the kid hasn’t proved anything to reclaim…perhaps a “clamation” project that will have him up to 2nd string by RS Senior year. Puleeze!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a fine young man, but a #73 OT for us to get excited about?

    What time is the BB game this weekend?

  • spedjones

    he’s ranked 36th by ESPN. Make you feel better?

  • MaltBaa

    everyone knows espn is a joke when it comes to a recruiting source

  • GoBruins

    Offensive Lineman are the hardest guys to rate in High School and the last guys to develop in college; the polar opposite of RBs. You need big guys that are tough and coachable, not some HS OL that is polished a HS senior. Those are great to have but let’s give the kid a shot first…

  • BruinFan

    Yeah, OL usually take time to develop. They need to gain strength and technique in college.

    The things you can’t teach are height, athleticism, length (ie. wingspan), ect. are the things you look for in an OT prospect.

    Both White and Mustoe have those traits and therefore they are good OT prospects.

    Put them in a good strength and conditioning program and give them a good OL coach to teach them technique and they have a good shot at being good OTs as long as they put the work in.

    Coach Palcic is a very good OL coach and Linn has a good strength and conditioning program so I think these kids have a shot to be contributors at UCLA.