Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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Also, I had Huffman on the phone but my phone died, and now he’s hanging out with family for a while. I’ll do my best to reach him tonight, but tomorrow at the latest for a weekend recruiting recap.

1) In your opinion, does filing for appeal help or hurt SC and why? – Anonymous
It hurts. If I’m going to jail, and there’s no real chance of legitimate appeal, just give me my time and let me get it over with. Dragging out the process is both timely, expensive and useless. The sanctions won’t be overturned.

2) Now that the Bush saga is over, is the NCAA going to investigate the other allegations that took place after they started that investigation? For instance, Joe McKnight? Or, do those unofficially get swept into the current ruling? – Anonymous
They’ll probably get swept under the rug, but the NCAA is on notice now, and any slip up will be dealt with aggressively.

3) Doesn’t the USC probation put MORE pressure on Neuheisel now to produce a winning program? Isn’t time to declare the honeymoon officially over? – 10spedjones
Yes it puts more pressure. The honeymoon was already over. This year they must make a bowl game and next year they must improve by at least two games.

4) Explain how PAC 10 is is better off now, cause I don’t see it with Colorado and Utah (if they are really lucky)? I give commissioner credit for going for it, but if there is a conference title game now, we could hurt ourselves like Big 12 and SEC title games. Oh, and the phrase, “don’t mess with Texas” isn’t an accident. – oh boy
Because the Pac-10 just opened the Denver and Salt Lake markets. Huge, huge markets that going forward make the Pac-10 even more desirable. From the get-go, I thought Texas was a pipe dream. I had no idea they would position themselves like they did, but Texas to the Pac-10 really doesn’t make any sense at all. If the super-conference scenario actually did happen, then maybe. But to expect them to shift the entire weight of college sports? What’s their incentive? They got all the money they wanted, and now to big thorns in their side are gone, particularly Tom Osborne.

5) Do we have to wait for a Latina US President before UCLA football can score on a consistent basis? – jus asking
If the line becomes what I think it can be this year with a healthy Micah Kia, you’ll see a jump this year. If they can develop a running game, you’ll see a bigger jump than you would imagine.