ESPN’s Tom Friend SMASHES another one out of the park

This is an absolute, hands-down, no-doubt-about-it must-read. ESPN’s incredible Tom Friend wrote this on Tuesday about former UCLA goalkeeper David Vanole. In the wake of the USA’s miraculous win yesterday, the timing couldn’t be better.

Please read this: The Espophagus that Saved US Soccer

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  • BRUtus

    Great read. Really sad to hear that Vanole passed. The guy lived life to its fullest though – he’d be proud of what the USMNT is doing today.

  • Blue Bruin

    It is a good article. Thanks for the link!

  • TitanBruin31

    That win wasn’t “miraculous.”
    Dramatic? Yes. Very, very, very much so.
    Wasn’t a miracle to beat that an Algerian team.