Bauer is unreal

Trevor Bauer now has 13 strikeouts, after I questioned John Savage’s decision to leave him out for the eighth. Then he struck out the side against TCU’s 1-2-3 hitters. I honestly don’t have enough descriptive words for him.

Meanwhile, TCU is on its sixth pitcher, and it’s 108 degrees.

  • Larry

    AWESOME… Now THAT is what I’m talking about. SOLID win (unlike our World Cup team – BOO). So, what does our rotation look like for the Championship? Obvious who pitches game 1, but what about game 2 and possibly 3?


    I only turned the game on to see who was winning, and that Bauer kid looked like Don Drysdale the way he challenged the hitters. But in the 7th inning with your team trailing by 5-runs why are you running on a line drive (which was caught and the TCU kid was doubled up; I guess they deserve to lose).

  • bostonsuckstrojanscheat

    TCU put their best out there on the mound in game two of three – valiant effort and that guy with the arm and throwing and all is amazing. Unfortunately for Texass Christian, UCLA is no one-trick pony, we smacked them back to reality with an overall better team. Just like was done at Staples, pretenders/poseurs lose in the end. Talent plus heart wins out. And big hello to suicide girls.

  • Anonymous

    Whoo Hoo….It’s UCLA vs USC for the national championship!! Well….the other USC.