Three Bruin incoming freshmen reportedly arrested on felony theft charges

Three incoming UCLA freshmen football players – linebacker Josh Shirley, wide receiver Paul Richardson and cornerback Shaquille Richardson – have reportedly been arrested on felony theft charges.
A UCLA spokesman said he could not comment on the issue at this time.
The story first broke late last night on the BruinReportOnline message boards, and more information is to come.

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  • Blue Bruin

    The USC fans will have a field day with this!

  • Blue Bruin

    The LA Times says they were arrested on campus. One hopes it’s some kind of misunderstanding, but I’ll be interested to hear the explanation (or spin if you prefer).

  • cali

    One word ‘IDIOTS’ there is no other way to put it. Thanks for embarrassing UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Arrested for felony theft doesn’t mean that they were charged with a felony or felonies. Arrests really don’t mean a whole lot. Wait for the DA to review it.

  • “Count” Smackula

    likely a misunderstanding. often students will leave laptops, bikes etc just laying around. they probably thought it was their friends item. looks like a non-story.

  • Peter

    Unless they actually stole something that was worth over $200,000, there better not be any comparisons with the University of Sanctions and Cheating.


    Wrong, SC will not have a field day with this. It is sad, and underscores how some young men will get into trouble even if they have the world by the tail i.e. football scholarship players.

    But crimes among college athletes is less (by percentage) than crimes committed by the balance of the student body. So I guess that is the silver lining.


  • Well, after making several posts on the USC Blogs bragging about how great our recruits are, and how UCLA would never recruit players that would get themselves in these types of situations, this crap comes out LOL and after stating how only USC attracts these types of recruits but NEVER UCLA, I expect quite a bit of heat from the sanctiond troGan fans.

    However in UCLA’s defense, (kidding) these players had not yet worn a UCLA football uniform, in fact had they even participated in a practice? In my book they were not Bruins yet! – (tongue in cheek) LOL

    On the bright side, if they were in fact involved in the alledged theft, then I don’t think Rick Neuheisel will keep them on the team, thus freeing up three scholarships and considering UCLA only has three to give out, they now would have 16, although losing Shirley would not be too good.

  • Anonymous

    Why be banned for 2, when you can serve 8….lol….yeah every felony charge is a misunderstanding…lol

  • Can I have their phone numbers?