Court records show that Josh Shirley, Shaq and Paul Richardson were all arrested on Wednesday afternoon for felony theft and released on Thursday.
The Richardsons both had $20,000 bail, while Shirley was released without bail.
It appears the three had a court date on Friday, but no comments have been made.
The LA Sheriff’s Department records office is closed for the weekend, and the officers involved are likely at the Wooden Memorial.

More info as it comes.

*To clarify: Originally I wrote Shirley was held without bail, but I misunderstood the report. He was indeed released without bail.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Well, we all hope this is nothing more than a misunderstanding and we hope for a quick and unambiguous resolution. It goes without saying this is a rotten shame. It also goes without saying if these charges turn out to be true, these young men need to be removed from the program.

  • Anonymous

    was Shirley held w/out bail or released w/out bail? The report in the Times says “released”

  • Blue1Gold

    Did UCLA PD arrest these kids or was it the LAPD…Gold makes reference to the “Sheriffs.” Westwood is out of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s jurisdiction…Can anyone clarify?

  • Anon

    Pull their scholarships. This type is idiotic behavior should not be tolerated. We have enough of a battle this season with the schedule and we don’t need players who are obviously thinking about themselves instead of the team.

  • Anonymous

    Glad josh shirley is your problem and not ours.

  • robear20

    They need to be dropped immediately, guilty or not they put themselves in the situation and they have placed themselves into the same same sewer that is usually reserved for Fu$c athletes.

    UCLA student athletes should know that attending UCLA is a privilege and they should hold themselves to a higher standard and not get into situations where even a hint of impropriety can be implied, I guess they thought they were in Oregon or South Central.

    Open up the 3 scholarships to student athletes who are of a higher moral standard.

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • “Count” Smackula

    i have reviewed the court records and what i read into this is nothing but envy. the police officers (or sheffifs) just wish they were Bruins.

    Neu-Hassle will feel envigorated by this!

  • finally

    Well, it finally looks like we are getting better athletes…this kinda stuff happens to all the best programs. There was a time I cared, but that time has passed. Kids do not want a meaningful college degree, and I am tired of losing. These aren’t my kids, I only care if they can play.

    And yes, this is a true ucla fan…believe it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Strange how UCLA fans want to destroy the kids before they even get a court hearing. and robear20 should move to china. That sure is not how our legal system works and it would be ridiculous to punish an innocent person. You dont think regular UCLA students get arrested? You are wrong. I know many regular students who have gotten arrested for crimes as bad if not worse. Does the university kick them out before they get a hearing? No.

    BTW: Josh Shirley was RELEASED WITHOUT BAIL. Meaning he probably had less to do with the supposed crime than the other two.

  • Anonymous

    yeah josh shirley is innocent wrong place wrong time. paul richardson and shaq richardson are the main suspect.

  • spedjones

    from pampered HS kids to the slammer. Welcome to adulthood.

  • Pistalion

    Let’s wait to hear the facts before we crucify these guys. side note, is it wrong that I’m somewhat happy the guys in trouble are the Richardsons – they aren’t that highly touted and opens up some schollys for next year and they are at positions where we already got bodies.

  • robear20

    “Strange how UCLA fans want to destroy the kids before they even get a court hearing. and robear20 should move to china”.

    I didn’t say they were guilty, I said guilty or not they should be dropped, as in have their scholarships revoked. I am not destroying anyone, I did not put them in this situation.

    I am sure they were just minding their own business studying in the library when the campus police decided to arrest them for no reason. I can tell you that I had friends growing up who decided to break the law and I chose not to participate, It was how I was raised. When my friends were arrested I was not because I was nowhere near the crime when it happened.

    UCLA gave them the opportunity to attend a prestigious University and play football for free (obviously based on their athleticism, yeah I know) and they owe the University more than this.

    If this was mistaken identity then I will be the first to say I was wrong, but if they did something ILLEGAL (regardless of seriousness) then they should be dropped. The report says FELONY theft not drunk in public, under-age drinking or something stupid that college kids do. You don’t just accidentally stumble into a felony theft arrest.

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • ha

    i only care if they are good enough to play football. That’s all i really care about. U want perfect players, watch Ivy league. looks like we are getting players…this is common for Oregon players.

  • Anonymous

    UCLA and every college exploits the heck out of these athletes. You know how much money they make off these kids? Do you guys know how many other UCLA sports are supported by the football program? They are the cash cow!

    Thats not excuse for these three to get in trouble. But its important to remember these kids might not come from the best background. I teach in the inner city and there are plenty of really good kids Ive seen who want to do good, but get trapped or make a bad decision here or there and its over. Anywyas, back to football…I believe in second chances and since we dont have the inside details of this crime Im going to hope they can clear it up and get a fresh start. Everyone deserves second chances! And occasionally a rare third.

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    If they are guilty, drop them from the team, and kick them out of school.


  • cliq

    Whatever happens with this event is going to be very telling if Neuheisel is still the Neu of Washington… can’t say I’m not a little nervous.


    Let’s see if Neu really has changed.


    I refuse to believe these false acusations. If these were usc players than of course but there’s no way RN would let this happen on they’re watch. It’s just lame media coverage trying to spin some kids having some fun.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Well, I get a little tired of hearing how ‘exploited’ varsity athletes are. Look, straight out of high school these guys wouldn’t have a shot with the NFL (and the vast majority won’t even after four years in school) but here because of their extraordinary physical gifts they are given access to a hundred thousand dollar education and the opportunity to refine and display their skills for what they hope are their future employers. A hundred thousand dollars ain’t chicken feed boys and girls and yet many of these kids don’t take advantage of it. Yes, of course, they provide a tremendous benefit to the university. No one denys they are generating the biggest part of the budget that drives all those other off-broadway athletic teams we all take such pride in when they add to our unprecedented total of NCAA National Championships but can’t seem to find the time to actually go out and support. This is the system we’ve inherited. If these three kids couldn’t see the figurative pot-of-gold sitting right at their feet and decided to boost someone elses property, then they’ve got to be cut loose. And until someone comes up with a better, more equitable way of allowing these athletes to develop their skills, we are going to continue to run into the occasional knucklehead.

  • Anonymous

    Willing to bet a lot of money Josh Shirley had nothing to do with this. Too good of a kid.

  • anon

    You want “W’s” and continuously having a winning season then you need to have a “look the other way” mentality like the University across town, Oregon, etc.

    Suspend these kids for a few games then move on…

    What? Or Else run a clean sheet program, graduate its player, recruit student athletes not athletes students and have mediocre seasons like Dorrell era!!!

  • BruinFaithful

    Although I am certainly NOT happy about this, let’s reserve judgement until we have complete details. Police tend to charge you with the most serious crimes, and they charge everybody who’s name comes up, hoping the DA’s can make something stick.

    According to the CA State Penal code, felony theft is reached when the goods stolen exceed a value of $400. I heard rumors that the stolen goods were cell phones or a cell phone. That being the case, this might be misdemeanor or petty theft at worse. Point it, we DON’T know.

    I like I said, I certainly DO NOT condone this, but sometimes kids do stupid things. I don’t think you can equate theft to murder, gun possession, rape, drug dealing, etc. I’m sure that CRN and the AD will handle this appropriately. I’m sure the punishment will fit the crime, as it should.

  • Anonymous

    They apparently took someone’s bag from the dining hall when they left it sitting outside. I’m not sure why on earth they would take the bag, but lets hope it’s all just a misunderstanding.

  • Anonymous

    This is great news for the UCLA Football program. It means we really are getting USC-quality players now!