Chat with new UCLA commit OL Ben Wysocki

Just had a good conversation with new UCLA offensive line commit Ben Wysocki, who picked UCLA last night over Stanford and Oregon State.

Wysocki’s stock has been rising since his impressive performances at two UCLA camps in June, and he becomes the Bruins’ fifth verbal commitment, joining TE Junior Pomee, OL Torian White and Marc Mustoe and WR Brandin Cooks.

Ben, you’ve said you wanted to complete the recruiting process and go on visits, yet you commit early to UCLA, why?
“I just saw it as a place that I’d fit in perfectly. They’re building the offensive line and defensive line this year after going heavy on skill positions last year,and I saw myself fitting right into the loop there.”

What about the UCLA coaching staff interests you?
“They are all just so familiar with the game. I went to the two camps, and to see how much they wanted me to come on board was awesome. They’re so enthusiastic about the game. They’re so positive. It really sucked me in.”

What about Coach Neuheisel sealed the deal?
“He’s a really straight-forward guy. I called him up and he said, ‘Are we going to get this done? What’s it going to take to get you in the boat?’ He really makes it individual between you and him. He was really trying to get me on board. I think that’s what attracts a lot of guys. What he says, he really means. He wants to make this as strong as it can get, and I loved that.”

Talk about being a part of a class at UCLA that already has a few offensive line commits; does the “class” mentality matter to you?
“It’s another step in football – it’s a new game, a new beginning. It’s going to be awesome so see how all these guys transform. But I’m one of the five guys who’ve committed, I can’t wait to see who else gets on board.”

Are you someone who needs to play immediately, or are you interested in redshirting and devopment?
“They haven’t even talked to me about redshirting, but Coach Chow talked to (Los Alamitos coach John) Barnes and said if I pushed myself, I could be a three-year starter, if I can build up to that point. Coach Linn, listening to what he’s said at the camps, he’s telling me and the guys, ‘Go into your senior season in the best shape of your life, we want to see you come out hard in the first quarter and the same in the fourth.’ He wants to see no sign of weakness. But they still want to build you when you come in.”

You expected to wait to announce your decision…
“At first, I went into the recruiting process not having a favorite school. I just wanted to see what happened. I said I would wait it out, go through all the official visits, and make my decision going into league. But I came to realize, where else would I want to go? I want to play for this awesome program. I want to go to UCLA. It’s such a relief now that I know where I’m going.

Do you pay attention to your rankings by recruiting services?
“I’ve seen on Scout and Rivals that they’ve not ranked me high. But coming out of these camps, I’ve been complimented highly. I think I’ve shown what I’m going to be in my senior season.”

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    Things a starting to look on the up and up for us BRUINS!Welcome boys we are HAPPY to have ya!Good job Rick to be able to snag these kids from the likes of the Cardinal and the Gators WOW!UCLA FOOTBALL IS MAKING STRIDES!


    “Wysocki’s stock has been rising since his impressive performances at two UCLA camps in June…”

    Are these the same camps you mentioned were lacking in talent?

  • diehardbruin

    Welcome to the Bruin Family!!! Can’t wait to see you open up big holes for Malcolm Jones!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Oh man, well spoken, some talent and a chip on his shoulder! I like this kid. Welcome aboard, Ben.

  • Clay

    Welcome to the Bruin family. Enjoy the annual beatdown by your crosstown rival:

  • David

    Ben, before your first game don’t forget to stop by UB’s famous tailgate where you can sample his delicious ribs and man boobs.

  • Bruin Jose

    Come on down Just be careful of Slick Rick’s new pistol. I heard with the new schemes, you will probably become obsolete we will need .5-1 star O lineman because our offense will be THAT good.

  • BruinAZ

    Good get! Solid kid…. good job Coach!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Clay,
    Is that Clay as in Clay Matthews or the clay d*ck u love to pleasure yourself to while watching your Condoms beat down on the likes of San Jose State, forgetting about embarrassing losses to the likes of teams without salaries, year after year.

  • Clay, you hater! just because your hated condoms just lost the #1 recruit, because Lame Kwiffing lied to him.

    Way to go Rick! 5 commits and 3 of the OLinmen I love it! now THIS is what you call quality rectuiting…unlike the lowly condoms that recruit 23 players and 18 of them are receivers…dumbazzes.
    Go Bruins!!

  • UB’s Bra

    Welcome to the family Ben.

  • Anonymous

    2 stars should not even count as recruits, they should be preferred walk-ons. but, we’re talking about ucla so they are lucky to get him i guess.

  • Clay

    BruinRob, those “18” receiver recruits helped produce at least one moment that helps make it all worth it:

    Enjoy, loser.

  • Ribbed Trojan

    Ultimate Bruin, you’ve been asked the following comment (by a different reader) repeatedly on Wolf’s blog and refuse to answer so I thought I’d post the question here:

    Every time you look at your son and think about how he was unable to follow in your footsteps at UCLA, who do you blame? Yourself, your wife, VB himself or his biological father?”

    Maybe you’ve been busy bra shopping. It certainly isn’t because you haven’t seen it, as obsessed you are with your big brother USC.

    Hope the bratwursts are treating you well holmes.

  • BruinAZ

    Hey guys can we keep the personal attacks on others out of this. First of all I can’t think of many things that are weaker than doing that on a blog. If you know someone and want to get in their face in real life, have at it……I’m game for that.

    Making fun of each others school is fun and there is no harm done. Let’s try to not to get too butt hurt and attack someone personally.

  • Mike

    BruinAZ, completely agree. No need for attacks on each other, just each other’s school. That said, UB kind of asks for it with the vile that he regularly spews over on Wolf’s blog. Really over-the-top stuff. My advice is that he tone it down a bit and others might not feel the need to attack him.

  • Joe Bruin

    From a Bruin Alum and current Los Al resident, good luck Ben Wysocki!