Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) If Chow is so hot, why aren’t QB recruits killing themselves to come here? Maybe because they weren’t in high school yet last time Chow relevant in college? – Confused
Because it’s not as simple as just who the offensive coordinator is. And UCLA thought it had a pretty good one in Nottingham until he flipped at the last minute last year. That was a unique occurrence. If UCLA gets Hundley, all this talk is for naught.

2) Don’t see how there will be enough demand for Colorado and maybe Utah for new PAC 10 network? What is so attractive without new football powers? – Won’t hold my breath
I don’t think a Pac-10 network is viable anyway, and the additions of Denver and Salt Lake City don’t change my mind. They’re not necessarily hunting an individual network, just a better TV deal.

3) How did Howland blow out his Achilles? – Sleepy LaBeef
I was told he just tripped awkwardly. It wasn’t basketball-related.

4) With the addition of Colorado and maybe Utah do you see a Pac12 championship in football in 2012 or ?? – Gerry4ucla
Yes, I do. No doubt there will be a championship game.

5) Hey Jon, will this just be embarrasing for us if USC continues to out recruit us and beat us on the field despite their hardships? I hope we can turn things around but the recent commitments don’t seem to look good. – bruin gold
Embarrassing isn’t the word I would use, but then again, I’m not invested like you guys are. The rivalry needs to get a bit closer for there to be two big dogs in town. Until UCLA wins on the field, forget recruiting, forget anything. The Bruins need to win.

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  • BruinFaithful


    What happened to all the unanswered questions from last week?

    If you’re not going to answer questions, then what is the point of asking them?

  • INawe

    Jon must have had a great long weekend BruinFaithful. šŸ˜‰

  • 909Bruin

    last week?? shiiiiit he’s like 2 or 3 weeks behind.

  • awash


    Legit question!! I stopped asking questions, because he hasn’t answered any of mine!!

  • Understanding Reader

    Hey all you douchebags. The man has worked (except for a few weddings) ceaselessly since last August when fall practice began. He did not expect to be in Omaha for 10-12 days for the College World Series. Give him an effing break. Just because you a**holes are so rabid and have no lives does not mean he doesn’t deserve a little time off. He said he would try to catch up.

  • Anonymous

    I think the problem is the format of rolling out Q and As throughout the week. With Dohn knowing he needed to get them all answered by Friday (or into Sat when the questions way over 100 in a week), he’d focus on those and get them done regardless of how long it took. Now that there’s no deadline, they just get pushed aside as something to get to later. People’s frustration is clearly reflected in the number of questions also. When there were Friday Q and A’s, over 100 questions were being answered a week, and I remember some weeks with close to 200. Now so many people see that the questions are never gotten to, and so they have stopped asking them and the result is something like 50 a week, and not even those 50 are answered.

  • don arbogast

    I knew Nottingham was going to Stanford at least a month before the announcement. I think the Bruins were a back up if he didn’t get into Stanford.bjtjeg

  • Watty

    don also knows where Lebron is going. You’ll know this because he’ll tell us in 6 months he knew…

  • spedjones

    I’ll do it for him now – Miami.

  • Anonymous

    so people want to know why the Q&A is not what it once was and everyone is a no life having deuche?

    Fact is that the Q’s do not get answered anymore and it is a major component of the Blog in general.

    I would be surprised if Gold did not agree that he would like to do better.


    JUNIOR POMEE WILL DECOMMIT YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!His dad wants him to go away for school.He thinks it will keep his son out of trouble and make him mature.How do i know this you ask?His coach is my trainer!

  • BruinFaithful

    Understanding Reader:

    You’re missing the point pal. We are not coming on here rabidly demanding that Jon do a Q & A. Jon initiated the Q & A. Our point is simply why start building a new house, when you haven’t or have no intentions of completing the last one. If he is truly so swamped, it would not make sense that he would voluntarily ask for more food on his plate. Now would he? I know you lack the cognitive skills to figure this all out on your own, so I thought I would help you in that regard. May I suggest you start with a Speak and Spell and build from there.