Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) Any word yet on the destinations for Knox, Moutra? – Anonymous
Fresno State for Knox and Montana for Moutra. Two good destinations for those two guys.

2) How was the Big-12 (minus Nebraska & Colorado) able to put togeather a superior TV contract then they had before (with those two school)? Are all members benefiting or is basically Texas is going to get a seperate “better” deal than the other schools? – Bruinball
Yes, all the schools are benefitting because they were due to make more money anyway. But the Longhorns definitely positioned themselves quite well.

3) Does the conference shuffling end after this off-season or does the Big-10 & Pac-10 make a run at Big-12 teams next off-season as well? – San Diego Therapist
I don’t know if it will necessarily be a yearly thing, but let’s just say I don’t think it ends here. There will be more major shuffling over the next several years, I predict.

4) Devon Blackmon to UCLA? Heard it was a silent verbal – Anonymous
Blackmon announced his top-six, and the Bruins are in it. I don’t think he’s settled on his decision yet.

5) With Colorado now in the Pac-10, where does Rick Neuheisel get booed the most? – robkar

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  • Anonymous

    The Colosseum will be quiet for awhile, my money is on Colorado to boo the loudest.

  • gilligan

    Regarding question #2, from my understanding the TV deal for the Big 12 is unchanged with the exception that more money will be given to its 10 members b/c Colorado and Nebraska are no longer part of the Big 12. ESPN and ABC did not want to lower the Big 12’s existing TV deal b/c it would have forced UT and OU to leave the Big 12 to the Pac 10 and rumor had it that the Pac 10 was going to commit its TV deal with Fox Sports.

  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice

    gilligan, i consider you an atypical southern cal fan, and you are not even a troll here, because your input is of some value. Do you read this ucla blog because of additional info relative to Pac 10 (plus 2) concerns, or because you don’t like the sc blog? Also, in all seriousness, based on your opinion, was the southern cal university guilty of being aware of Bush’s sins? Thanks in advance for answering.