Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) USC is desperate for offensive lineman and is said to be scouring junior colleges. Were they looking at Casey Griffiths? – Anonymous
I was told by Griffiths’ coach that UCLA was the only major school offering for the upcoming season; most majors wanted him for 2011.

2) Jon, Now that you’ve been through one sports cycle at UCLA, who was the most impressive athlete you covered? Who has the most professional potential in his/her sport? Which athlete, if any, made you a believer in him/her with their approach to the game? Which program is set up the best for the next four years? Thanks – Anonymous
Most impressive athlete: Tyler Honeycutt. Most pro potential: Gerrit Cole and Brian Price. Believer: Rahim Moore and Trevor Bauer. Program: Baseball and football.

3) Did the release of LOI’s from the Hedrick 3 free up the scholarships for Bell and Griffiths? Might we expect one more late JUCO addition? Thanks for crushing it every week Jon. – PRYes on the skollies and probably not on the late addition.

Any word on when the PAC-10 media day is going to be? – captainqpThe coaches are heading to NYC and Bristol first for media day coverage on the 27th, but the actual media day is on the 29th at the Rose Bowl. Here’s the link: http://www.pac-10.org/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/072110aab.html

5) My apologies but I’m still a little confused. Some people are saying that Neuheisel didn’t completely close the book on Shirley and the Richardsons, that they still may return to the team in the future. Are they enrolled in classes? Is there a chance they’ll be put back on the team? If so, why? – Anonymous
They are up for re-recruitment. Right now, it as if they never signed with UCLA. If no team bites on them now, they could end up back at UCLA. Doubt it.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m pleasantly surprised football is better set up over the next 4 yrs than basketball … or … should we be worrying how bad the basketball program has become?

  • Coach Thom

    How can a sport that promotes ‘one-and-done’ be considered a worthwhile college activity? Can’t the NBA simply pull 16-17 yr old kids from local BB courts? Why does it have to screw with ethical universities?

  • USConquer

    Looks like Jon Gold does a much better job at reporting than our Wolf. I’m not too proud to admit that Wolf sucks and Gold is better.

  • Anonymous

    No team is going to want Shirley or the Richardsons.

    They’ll grovel at Neuheisel’s feet and he’ll take them back. They’ll behave themselves for a year or two (or at least until they’re locked in as starters) and trouble will arise.

  • hemetbruin

    What do you mean by football is better setup than bball? We will win at least 2 conf titles in bball in the next season, footbal we would be lucky to win one.