Quick observations from today’s 7-on-7, Pt. 1

I headed down to Spaulding Field today for today’s 7-on-7, and here are some quick observations, followed later by a quick interview with Kevin Prince…

* Prince continues to grow in his role as team captain, and was absolutely in command of the entire team out there today. Micah Kia was out with the 7-on-7 guys for a little while before returning to the film room to rejoin the offensive linemen, and the team is really going to need that leadership from him, too.

* Even on completions, Prince was in guy’s faces, correcting sloppy routes or even just congratulating them. His arm looked very strong, but he was off on a few throws, and the timing does not look perfect.

* Prince does, however, have a favorite target in Joseph Fauria, who made a few great catches, including a one-handed snag of a tipped ball over incoming freshman linebacker Aramide Olaniyan, after which he playfully tossed the ball at AO. Fauria is one funny dude, and just wait until his “A Day with Joe” video comes out soon. Hilarious.

* Speaking of Olaniyan…Wow. The kid is jacked. I was very impressed by the size of many of the incoming freshmen, particularly Olaniyan, Malcolm Jones and Dietrich Riley. Prince said something interesting about just how big this class is, and I couldn’t agree more. Watch out for AO and Riley especially this year.