Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) I saw Sheller was not in your projected 2 deep. Was that an oversight, or has something changed since spring? Palcic seemed to think he might start, so I assume he’d at least be in the 2 deep. – Anon
It was an oversight. Thought I corrected it, but I didn’t. I apologize. Yes, he’ll be in the two-deep at either position.

2) In assessing the football programs in LA, you have made it clear that currently, UCLA has a ways to go to catch USC. Judging by the head-to-head matchups of the two in the 90s, would you say that USC, at that time, had a ways to go to catch UCLA? Tryin’ to understand your window of measurement to judge a program. – UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice
With all that has happened recently, I would say the gap has drastically closed. If it was 90-10 for a while, now it’s at about 65-35. A close game in 2010, 60-40. A USC collapse and UCLA rise, 50-50. And then so on. And referring to the 90s, yes I would’ve said the flip side.

3) What incoming freshmen do u see redshirting this upcoming football season? also do usee any progressions in the UCLA offense, and will the defense be more dominant this year than last? – benji
1) Freshman redshirts: Derrick Bryant, Wesley Flowers, Kody Innes, Anthony Jefferson, Eric Kendricks, Tevin McDonald, Kip Smith, John Young. 2) Yes, there will be much progression in the UCLA offense if the offensive line improves even marginally. 3) No, the defense will not be more dominant, but could be more consistent.

4) Can you explain how you choose which questions to answer? I posted two questions last week and have not yet seen your response. Is it more likely that they are still in the queue or you for whatever reason, choose not to answer? – Anonymous
They were in my queue, and I ultimately got to them. But some questions, I have to do some digging and some questions are redundant.

5) Randall Carroll: future star, average college WR, or straight up scrub with a fast 100 Meter time? If you were worked in Vegas, what would you put for the over/under on 2010 receptions for Carroll? – Anonymous
I would put him either at future star or straight-up scrub. I don’t think he’ll end up as your average college receiver. He has too much talent to end up mediocre. He either makes the most of his chances and thrives – and I’ve heard that Norm Chow loves his progress this offseason – or he fizzles out and isn’t heard from again.

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  • pr

    I see RC as a faster Terrence Austin. Fortunately for RC, he will have a better line and qb during his career than Terrence did.

  • The Big Woof!

    Hey, Anon with question 4: It could also be that Jon confuses all you anonymeese and thinks he has answered you. How about manning or womaning up with some sort of moniker!