Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) I am also confused how you say UCLA has a ways to go to catch USC when it seems the only thing we are lacking is offensive linemen. Do you have any sports background as an “ATHLETE” on any level or are you a journalist who took up sportswriting ??? I beleive we have the athletes to compete and i also beleive our coaches are now better and Kiffin has a long way to go on a coaches level !!!!! – ley
I played football for five years, as an offensive linemen. I’ve been a sportswriter for 12 years. I understand your passion, but have some perspective. UCLA was 4-8 two years ago. USC was 12-1 and Rose Bowl champions. I believe both teams are drastically different than two years ago, but there’s still a ton of talent at USC.

2) Jon, who do you think are our top priority recruits this year? – Anonymous
Brett Hundley, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Viliami Moala, Jason Gibson, Todd Barr, Cyrus Hobbi and Christian Heyward. And DeAnthony Thomas.

3) In your opinion what freshman will have the most impact this year? – Anonymous
Too hard to judge this early, but I anticipate big things from Owamagbe Odighizuwa, Dietrich Riley, Cassius Marsh, Anthony Barr and Malcolm Jones/Jordon James.

4) Have you seen Stover play at all? Any chance that he spends time as the starting center this year? – Michael Benson From what I’ve seen of Stover, I don’t think he’s ready to contribute meaningful minutes. He’s still very raw and very young.

5) do you think we still have a shot at J. Grimble (current suc commit)? – 909BruinNo, I think Jalen Grimble is solid at USC.

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  • j_doe

    Grimble is “solid” on SC? Obviously, he is not too bright. If he is a typical SC-quality recruit seems he could go to Texas, Florida, Ohio St., Alabama, and not be stuck with a bowl ban and depth issues that will be caused by the reduction in scholarships at SC.

  • Anonymous

    Depth issues means more playing time. That’s what lame kiffen is telling him

  • Alex18

    If you’ll excuse me, just how much have you seen Stover play if you can’t go to practice?

  • Mike H class of 90

    Alex18 – I don’t believe practice has started yet, but players typically will play on the summer circuit somewhere and often will show up in the Wooden center. Not sure what the case is with Stover, but my guess is there have been plenty of opportunities to see him.

  • Jon,

    I’ve criticized your points in the past, so I’m no suck-up or defender. But I would offer this:

    1) You don’t need to explain your credentials to anyone. For this blog you write your opinion and if someone doesn’t like it — that’s their opinion.

    2) Except for a few posters, many of the UCLA faithful do not seem to have a connection to the team beyond Cade McNown and the late 90s. Without lengthy memory (or an ability to do research) they don’t know that there are W/L cycles between the Bruins and SoCal.

    3) I appreciate your objective view point and that you ‘don’t care’ (if that’s not too harsh) if UCLA wins or loses. Such a perspective allows for a much more helpful analysis…which serves us better.

    To paraphrase “Treasure of Sierra Madre,” “We don’t need no stinkin’ cheerleaders.”

    Keep developing your sources and reporting your interviews and we’ll all be well served.

    BTW – as a suck-up…I think your best work is your extended interviews.