Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1a and 1b)
Would you still bet your car on Brett Hundley coming to UCLA? – Spencer/ I see Hundley has narrowed his choices to UCLA and UW. Who get’s him? If it’s UCLA, do you see him jumping Brehaut after redshirting?

Probably not my car, but probably your car. Look, the kid has a tough decision. He can go to UCLA, likely be groomed behind Prince for two years, including a redshirt, and play for Chow and Neuheisel. Or he can go to Washington, which has the projected top NFL pick, be groomed by a Sarkisian, and possibly be in line to start as a freshman. Tough call at this point. I still think UCLA gets him.

2) Any update on how Josh Smith (the basketball player) is doing in off-season workouts? – SpencerHowland said recently that Smith is working out three times a day to get his body right, and that he has been very happy with his progression. Don’t forget, though, that there have been several big-bodied post players who thrive and know how to use that size, a la Big Baby Davis, who dominated in college.

3) Will the future scheduled games be affected by the conferences switches? Such as the Nebraska series? – BruinBurdI don’t respective conference ties have much bearing on non-conference matchups, so no, I don’t think so.

4) Would beating USC help in the Coaches Poll or are their games ignored? – AnonymousI don’t believe for a second those games are “ignored,” at least unconsciously. No matter what, they will play a factor.

5) With the Richardsons and Shirley out of the program (at least this year), this means we have 3 more scholarships to offer to the incoming class, correct? If so, where do you see Neuheisel deploying them? In short, what is our wish list for the 2011 class? – hicalliber
I think they pretty much go to project guys on the offensive and defensive line, with Neuheisel looking a few years down the line. Overall wish list means huge emphasis on OL, DL, QB, WR, and less emphasis on RB, LB, DB.

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  • Big Woof!
  • alreadygone

    Let’s be realistic the Bruins will be really really lucky to finish 6-6 this year. They will be run on consistently.

  • GmanC

    Alreadygone, we were so hoping you were already gone.

  • alreadygone

    GmanC , just like a winning season for the Bruins

  • Who’s this dork alreadygone? Sorry bub, Ucla aint giving up 200 yds a game rushing! Another sorry a** lackluster Bruin fan or hater. Go to Kiffinville and leave your thoughts there!

  • alreadygone

    Just like the movie A Few Good Men ,”You can’t handle the truth! “