Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Any chance Brehaut redshirts this upcoming year? I’m sure the coaching staff would like to do it, but I would think Prince’s health is the main variable. Your thoughts? – hicalliber
My thoughts are your thoughts. Exactly the right analysis.

2) What do you make of North Carolina and Florida suddenly coming under investigation by the NCAA? Does this have anything to do with USC in a political sense (i.e. are they getting pressure to crack down on a few more high profile programs)? Will anything come of it? – Anonymous
I don’t think the NCAA was blind before USC, and I don’t think they’re the shining pillars of justice that they’re being made out to be now. I think it’s a case-by-case basis, and people are probably just paying more attention.

3) Realistically, is it possible to have the kind of dominant success of a Pete Caroll or an Urban Meyer in today’s college landscape while running a completely clean program (that includes being willingly ignorant on aspects of the team)? – Anonymous
In my opinion, if this includes being willingly ignorant, then no. The pressure for greatness is just too tough these days. Too many people on the take.

4) How are the Bruins doing with their recruiting for the 2011 class? – Legalsean
I’d rate the class – including how they’re standing now on several players – at about a five. A few big verbals would move it up a couple notches. Hundley is probably worth a couple points alone.

5) Will we see an on campus football stadium in the next twenty-five years? – Anonymous
Short answer, no. Long answer, I doubt it.

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  • Reformed Droog

    Unfortunately, there’s no where you could possibly put a football stadium, concessions, and possibly more parking around UCLA. Even if you took Drake and the IM field, that’s still not as big of a footprint as the Rose Bowl or the Colosseum.

    Space constraints notwithstanding, the Bel Air and/or Westwood homeowners would shoot it down in a heartbeat because of traffic, noise, etc.

    On the other hand, if they did manage to build one where Drake and the IM field are, at least there would be one good thing that Sproul Hall residents could look forward to – free nosebleed seats in the breezeways!

  • Anonymous

    RE: Q5

    Both the long and short answer are no. There should be no doubt. Imagine the political pressure from the surrounding neighborhoods about the traffic problems that would be created. The only way an on campus stadium goes forward is if the plans include a series of cost prohibitive and technolically problematic, tunnels to funnel traffic to campus.

    I will put in one caveot, if there is a major earthquake and the entire westside of Los Angeles has to be reconstructed, then, maybe, the plans might include an on campus stadium (assuming they also include a campus).

  • Bruinpils

    While not on campus, there are rumblings of a stadium on the Veteran’s Hospital site. I don’t think it will happen but it is a possibility.

  • The Ghost of Football Past

    Stadium in Westwood?


    There was a move afoot in the late 60s/70s when Westwood was still an upper middle class enclave. There was space over near Drake, but there was also many playing/recreational fields all around campus.

    Since then many new buildings have been erected that have made the campus quasi-urban. Combine the ever dwindling open areas with the fact that Westwood has transformed from a mid-to-upper middle class neighborhood into the airy heights of the upper class and you can realize why there’s no stadium in the offing.

    Check out some of the other suburban campuses that have their stadium on campus and you’ll read stories about the surrounding residents freaking out on game day: Boston College, Rice, and Tulane to name a few.

    Lastly, the prestige of having the Rose Bowl as home field negates the need for radical onsite upheavel that would ensue.


    It’s a damn same we lost Pomee’s commit he kicked ass at the camp in Florida Urban wasn’t about to let him go.Kid went from a 3* to a 4* just like that!

  • Bill

    I was at UCLA when the referendum was held to build Drake as a football stadium or as a track stadium in the 60’s, and some increase in student fees to help pay. The vote was strongly against, but then, these were the free speech days, and all things administration, tradition oriented were on the outs. The other issue at that time was neighborhood and all the complaints about traffic. Of course, the neighbors want to be near UCLA for the access/prestige, etc. but when it comes to putting up with the inevitable traffic, that is another story….

    The best bet recently was the proposal to do a Carson stadium which was down the 405 from UCLA, but that sputtered, due to the lack of a pro team to sponsor the stadium.

  • Anonymous

    Another advantage of the Rose Bowl, besides it’s historical status is the $75M upgrade project that has already been approved by the Pasadena City Council and will begin soon.