Weekly Q&A

Hey guys,

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.

I have a ton of questions to pore over, so this will be a pretty loaded Weekly Answers…


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  • anonymously

    who go we get if hundley goes to washington? Is junior pomee a big get for us? it looks like he is going to commit to florida.

  • Spencer

    Let’s say that everything goes right for Malcolm Jones and Jordon James. When is the earliest that they could see playing time? (Especially, given the time is takes to learn the playbook, etc.) Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Where do DeAnthony Thomas and Antwaun Woods end up?

  • Reeves

    Do you know which football or basketball players are majoring in philosophy?

  • Anonymous

    Why does UCLA seem to have a lot more trouble recruiting highly touted OLs and DTs than at the skill positions and what could be done to improve the situation? Have Coaches Neuheisel and Palcic ever considered bringing Hall of Fame/Outland Trophy winning alum Jonathan Ogden back in the program to help w/ scouting, recruiting, and/or coaching?

  • Anonymous

    Can you give me your mid season prediction on a 3 deep RB depth chart? Who plays FB?

    James, Barr, Jones who gets more touches this year?

  • Eric


    Would you move Coleman to FB to have 2 headed monster with him and one of the Franklin, James, Barr, Jones on the field at all times?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, thanks for all the great work. It is obviously still very early in the recruiting season for football but what is your gut feeling about how things will shake out for UCLA this season given our needs, available scholarships, and the given talent pool. Thanks again.

  • Eric

    Any updates on B-Ball players and how they’ve done this summer? Bigger, faster, stronger, more consistent jumpers, etc? Also over/under 16 wins this year?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, any updates on the new contract for Coach Chow? Thanks.

  • Bobby

    Every summer, we would hear stories of Luc’s shot getting better and it never did. Now, every year, I hear how much better Malcom Lee’s jump shot is. Are they playing on different sized hoops in the summer? why does this improvement never show up during the season? I thought they play against NBA guys

  • Anonymous

    On Jerry Neuheisel’s Scout page, it shows interest in programs like Penn State and South Carolina. Do you think these schools are interested in JN as a player, or are they just looking at “Rick’s kid”.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Xavier Sua Filo will continue to play for us once he gets back from his mission.

    Also, do you think he will be as effective as he was given the 2 years off?

  • txbruin

    I liked your recent 7-on-07 reports and reading about the stand-out athletes. Will you be doing more of these kinds of reports now that football season is gearing up?

  • bruwin5931

    Hi Jon,

    Once more, I appreciate the work you put into this blog. As for my question: with Darius Bell joining the team, does that change the recruiting priorities a bit for this class? In other words, will UCLA continue to go after two QBs this year, or go after one, and use the additional scholarship for another position. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • robear20

    Jon, can you tell us who were the football recruits who had officials this past weekend, including the “surprise” visitor? Also, who is still on track to visit?

  • Anonymous

    How is Damien Thigpen doing? I haven’t heard much about him. I’m excited about the guys we are bringing in at RB but this kid has the electrifying game breaking speed that UCLA has lacked since MJD went to the NFL. What kind of role do you expect him to have this year? I think we need to get him at least 5-7 touches a game.

  • gerry4ucla

    Will the Kennedy Pola lawsuit against suc and Kiffin have any indirect impact on recruiting. Obviously, Pat Haden is not happy with Kiffin right now…does this sour their relationship, perhaps even having Kiffin fired?

  • Anonymous

    Is Sarkisian going to start out-recruiting Neuheisel and Kiffin in Los Angeles County?

  • Anonymous

    While I really don’t care what the impact of SC’s sanctions are on thier fotball program I am curious how similar sanctions have impacted other football programs. Didn’t Miami have similar issues a few years ago? They don’t seem to be seeing any long term impacts. Are there other examples of football programs that returned to glory in their post sanction seasons? What about programs that imploded and never returned to thier glory days?

    Maybe you could pitch this as a story idea to your editor. Obviously, SC’s situation creates local interest, but given the problems that keep popping up in college sports, I think many people would like to understand the long term impacts of NCAA sanctions.

  • tim warren

    Following up on the first comment from anonymously, here’s the LA Times from today, saying Pomee is now uncommitted:


    Sorry for long URL.

    Scout.com now says UCLA and Florida are “High” on Pomee’s list.

    Hopefully, Jon will address soon.


    LooKs like Jon isn’t the only one who didn’t pay attention to me!I said it 3 weeks ago Bruinfaithful is my witness ………. JUNIOR POMEE is a GATOR!Next time listen to me!His coach is my trainer dad wants him to go to Florida!I gave Jon hint after hint to look into It or break the story but he never answered any of my questions or looked into it!

  • flyonthewall

    Anon 7:28pm….Jon is the UCLA beat reporter, not USC. Why would Jon write a story about how NCAA sanctions impact a college program. How would that relate to UCLA? UCLA is not on probation. You should go over to the USC blog and ask Scott Wolf to write this story. Eventhough you claim that you don’t care it seems to me that you’re still obsessing about USC. I visit Jon’s blog to find out what’s going on with UCLA, not SC. Let the USC fans worry about USC. If you have a question about UCLA then ask away. If you want to know about SC, or SC related stuff, then ask Scott Wolf.


    Jon, why is our football recruiting going so slowly?…AND BADLY TOO…we loose potential recruits to the law and then loose our only 4-star recruit to Florida possibly…WTF????

  • Jungleland

    When Colorado officially joins the conference then known as the Pac-12, Neuheisel will have been the head coach of three different teams in the conference. Has any other person been the head coach of three different teams in the conference? Same question re any other major conference.


    “…this will be a pretty loaded Weekly Answers…”

    Not so much….