Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) I note that most if not all of the ucla posters on SC Wolf’s blog state commentary that is rude, crude, exaggerated, boring and repetitive. Whereas, the SC comments on your blog are comparatively benign. If you agree or disagree, why do you believe this is the case? – BE REAL
I just think it’s a lot easier to be angry when you’re coming from behind. Right now, UCLA is coming from behind.

2) Jon, if you had a son, and he was a four or five star QB recruit, would you want him to go to UCLA? – Yo mamma
Wow, what a loaded question. As an institution, UCLA is among the best in the world. As a football program, there’s a ways to go. If the situation was right, yeah. If the situation was not right, no.

3) Can we get some info on Darius Bell? Whats the difference (or how is he better) than Kevin Craft? D. Bell is listed as a 2-star and Craft was (considered) a 5-star. – Anonymous
From all I’ve heard on Bell, he’s got a cannon and can move. I don’t know how well he runs an offense, though his JC performed well. I need to see him a little bit before passing a true judgment, but I’ve heard that Chow and Neuheisel were selling him on a chance to contribute early.

4) Has the coaching staff made a firm and substantial decision to run and recruit for a spread option based offensive scheme, shifting away from the classic drop-back/west-coast pro-style offense (a la Coach Homer Smith, Bob Toledo, and Karl Dorrell)? – Anonymous
I think it’s fair to say that Neuheisel and Chow are at least trending toward a more option-oriented, improvisational offense. Even before the Revolver was installed, they were mixing it up a bit.

5) Do you think Damien Holmes will develop into a dominant defensive end or will he get passed over for Owa, Datone Jones, and Keenan Graham? – Anonymous
Jones is already starting, and I think as of now, the other spot is Holmes’ to lose. I like Holmes’ game, I’m just more intrigued by the raw, freak talent of Graham and Owa. Will be an interesting battle going forward.

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    Jon Gold, I could give a hang about ucla sports, but I read you because– well, because you are good. Period.

  • The Big Woof!

    Be Real,
    I disagree!
    I see very little difference. Most of the opposing schools posters on both sites are pretty infantile and on the rude side. Many of the trojans hide under “anonymous” on this site.
    Being a prejudiced Bruin, I actually think more of our posters with Wolf are a little more clever.
    Also, because of Wolf’s style, he invites more criticism and rudeness, much of it from sc supporters themselves.

  • BruinAZ

    Shut up Be Real you are freakin pathetic dude!! Every time I read your posts I throw up a little. Nobody cares what you think.

    And for you and Jon, UCLA fans are sick of having a rivalry with a lieing, cheating, win at all costs and cover everything up excuse for a university. We are just glad they are starting to finally get what was coming to them. PERIOD!!

    Be Real, why don’t you ask Jon out and take your relationship OFFLINE!!

  • Joseph Pulitzer

    Mr. Gold,

    In a recent Q&A answer you stated that you’ve been a journalist for 13 years. If that is true, the profession has fallen mightily.

    When poster “BE REAL” made a hyperbolic statement of ‘facts’ about UCLA posters on another site, you didn’t question the veracity of the ‘opinion’ and in fact answered it: “I just think it’s a lot easier to be angry when you’re coming from behind. Right now, UCLA is coming from behind.”

    Writer please!

    BR’s over the top distortion of reality could easily assign its source as leakage from The Heritage Foundation blog.

    Obviously your opinion is your opinion, but I’d expect the answers to be fact-based and not a psychological evaluation of a wild-eyed contention.


    My, my, aren’t we all a bit thin-skinned over here.

    And as for posters being rude and crude, I agree with BruinAZ’s post above that I was way out of line.


  • Clarence Darrow

    @BE REAL, a/k/a LAWYER JOHN,

    Are you and your USC legal beagle brethern taking up a collection to pay the California Bar Association back dues owed by newly appointed USC AD, Patrick Clapper Haden, Esq.?

    You’d think the stipent he received for being a Director of the former IndyMac “bank” would cover the app. $750 a year to retain some semblance of connection to the legal trade, especially upon taking the position at Southern Cal that will require keeping his ward, Lame Kitten, out of trouble.

    I suppose the legal documents from the Tennessee Titans arrived on campus yesterday…P. Clapper will have to jump in asap.


    “…a psychological evaluation of a wild-eyed contention.”


    Joe, Joe, wouldn’t this have worked better: “an empirical study of a wild-eyed protagonist.”

    I guess the years have not been kind to ol’ Mr. Pulitzer


  • Joseph Pullitzer

    @Mr. REAL,

    Your point: “an empirical study of a wild-eyed protagonist.”

    I see no basis for concluding that Mr. Gold’s statement:
    “I just think it’s a lot easier to be angry when you’re coming from behind. Right now, UCLA is coming from behind” is based on a study of the posters on Mr. Wolf’s blog or those on his own.

    One cannot have an emperical study without having the research (or as we say in the ink trade…the shoe leather investigation) to come to his conclusion based on fact. Therefore, it seems fair to suppose that Mr. Gold was going with his gut, a nice euphemism for his conjecture based on nothing emperical.

  • Watty

    Jon – going forward, would you mind focusing your energy on answering questions from those who actually do “give a hang about ucla sports.”

  • Reformed Droog

    Fellas – Put them back in your respective pants, yeah?

    I’m a die-hard UCLA fan, but I’m not so naive as to think that USC fans posting on a UCLA blog are any different from UCLA fans posting on a USC blog. We’re all fans, and yes, we both like to rile up the other constituency. Usually this is done in good humor, but lately it’s gotten a bit out of hand.

    Relax… Have a drink… Smoke a bowl… Whatever it takes, just calm down and try to enjoy a rivalry that should be about celebrating humanity, not animosity.

    Frankly, the increasingly childish banter is making all of us USC and UCLA fans look silly.

  • Bruintx

    I like Kevin Craft as a person a whole lot. I think he was put into an almost no-win situation and gave UCLA everything he had. But a 5-star recruit? Lets get real! I don’t know for sure, but I think he would have been very lucky to have made it onto a 3-star list.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I bet the real Clarence Darrow knew how to spell “stipend”.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Intrigued by the assertion above about Haden owing dues money to the state bar, I looked him up on the Cal Bar website. It does show a failure to pay dues a few years ago, but currently he is listed as “inactive”. While being inactive is cheaper than maintaining “active” status, it is not free, so if he’s listed as inactive, he must have paid the back dues at some point.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Wow. what a crappy thread.

  • Board of Health

    @Cafe 84 Pizza,

    You should be less concerned with a dead man’s spelling than with poisoning unsuspecting customers. Here are just a few violations that have been levied against Cafe 84, similar to many establishments around the University of South Central:

    ~ Disrepair of dish-washing apparatus

    ~ Unclean food contact surfaces

    ~ Inadequate sanitizer

    ~ Unclean, leaking, dis-repaired sink and fixtures

    ~ Unapproved drain line, floor sink, and unapproved discharge installation

    ~ Unclean cooking hood missing filter(s)

    Hey troll, stay on your own side of Figueroa poisoning the conversation on your own $UC site.

  • bruindodger

    Aaron Wallace, a 3-star OLB from Rancho Bernardo in San Diego has committed to us. Fight Fight Fight!!!

  • Anonymous

    Trolls are embarrassments to whatever school they support. Whether it’s spedjones daily posts on Scott Wolf’s blog or whatever Lawyer John puts up here.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Hey there, Board of Health:

    If what you say about Cafe 84 is true, then I’m glad to hear that today’s students are having the same quality experience that I had, back in the day.

    By the way, I went to grad school at UCLA, and I don’t post anti-UCLA attacks on this board, so I don’t consider myself to be trolling. I have a genuine interest in UCLA’s programs, so I check out Gold’s posts from time to time. In fact, with a UCLA degree, I’m more of a “real Bruin” than some of the UCLA fans trolling on Wolf’s blog, such as Cerritos Rob.