Quotables: ASU’s Dennis Erickson and Thomas Weber

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson’s Opening Statement: “The biggest change, and the thing that is exciting for me, is how much better we’ll be on offense. We’re doing a lot of different things: four-wide a little more, no-huddle. It was a lot of fun in the Spring for us.”

Erickson on the East Coast swing: “I thought it was really good. We got to spend time with the media there, got to go to the New York Times, which I read quite often. It made an impact; people know who we were.”

Erickson on having quarterback issues: “We had Rudy the first two years, and he was pretty good, particularly the first year. When he left, we were in between. Now that we’ve recruited Brock Osweiler and Steven Threet, we feel good about where we’re at.”

Erickson on the team’s imbalance: “We have not been good on offense. When you’re one or two on defense, but you finish ninth on offense, you have to correct that. That’s the difference between us being a really good football team and an average football team.”

Erickson on the Pac-12: “I like it. Bringing Utah and Colorado in brings in two great TV markets. I like the idea of splitting into two divisions. College football is all about big games. To have that at the end of the year is very exciting, and obviously will be a national game, which is important for the league.”

ASU kicker Thomas Weber on his recovery: “At first when I got injured, I just wanted to do whatever I could for the turn. After the season, I gave myself some time to rest, but I got right back after it.”

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