• Sid

    Times reporting UCLA gave Norm Chow 2 year contract extension.

  • BruWin

    Awesome news about Norm Chow agreeing to two addtional year extension, this really gives UCLA stability.


    Chow was the man, although the man behind the scene, at SC. What a legacy he paved for himself

    Then, there was Tennessee. Don’t follow pro ball so I don’t know what the problem was there, but Chow lost some of his lustre during that tenure.

    Now, he wants to restore his personal prestige. That is the only reason I can see why he would agree to a 2-year extension, and thus remain at ucla for 5-years.

    By the 5th year, perhaps the 4th, he just might have ucla back on the map again. And then he can retire as the ‘king.’