• Anonymous

    which poll and which sport?

  • uclabrruin1989

    if we’re 8th in the pre-season football poll thats a frikken joke.

    if we end up being the EIGTH best team in the conference RN will have some splainin to do.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Does not really matter at this point. Here’s what matters: GET IT DONE ON THE FIELD OF PLAY! NOTHING SHORT OF THAT MEANS ANYTHING. UCLA needs to do what it can to capitalize on the SUC woes over the next few years. We must close the gap while SUC is in a bit of a turmoil, with sanctions and lawsuits hanging over their heads. If we can’t close the gap now, we are dommed! I am not expecting to win the P10 (12) this year or next, but Rick better have us in the mix in 2012 or HE IS DOOMED. I beleive we will make strides this year, but my belief is just that — a belief. Really, more of a ‘hope.’ We’ll know soon enough! 37 days to kick-off!

  • Mike H class of 90

    Here are the results of the media poll, by the way:

    1, Oregon (15), 314
    2, USC (12), 311
    3, Oregon State (3), 262
    4, Stanford (1), 233
    5, Arizona (2), 222
    6, Washingtton (1), 209
    7, Cal, 175
    8, UCLA (1), 134
    9, Arizona State 81
    10, Washington State 39

    I say Oregon and Oregon State fight it out for 1/2 with Stanford, USC, Wash, Cal and UCLA fighting it out for 3rd. If we can beat Stanford early while they are still figuring out how to live without Gerhardt and can take advantage of the bye week before Washington I like our chances…sanctions won’t affect ‘SC this year…Dec 4 is the battle for #3, imo.

  • the dude

    The 8th place prediction is ridiculous. This year more than ever is wide open. Parity prevails and UCLA should finish in the top half of the conference.

  • QFL247

    The most perplexing pick to me is Oregon. Sure, they have talent, but Masoli has been single-handedly winning games for them for two years. They WILL drop off as a result. I think, at a minimum, we will finish above AZ and Stanford on that list, and, if we catch lightning in a bottle, can be top 3.

  • For what it’s worth

    Hey Sam,

    You act like this poll determines how things will really play out. Remind me, which teams were picked 1st and 2nd last year and where did they end up?

    I think you’ll agree that we should let the teams play and determine where they end up before we prematurely start calling for dismissals…

  • Watty

    Seriously, who cares? Isn’t this the same media that predicted SC to win the conference last year?

    Let me know when the actual games start…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Yeah, the same media predicted SUC would win the last 10 years and look what happened. They predicted UCLA would finish 8th last year and we went to bowl, so the media knows nothing. Except for Gold… you’re my guy, Goldie!

  • Covina Bruin

    We will finish no worse than 3rd, team chemistry and experience mean everything in college football and we have both. Also throw in an offensive coordinator who does magic when he has talent and I say we are going to win a lot of games and build for a top 10 run nationally in 2011.